Dolly Parton rapping




Dolly is 67 years old. That woman’s got some staying power.


And serious wrecking balls.


Speaking of serious wrecking balls, GW Bush is 67 years old too!


I think you got the headline wrong, should’ve been “Queen Latifah has her own show?!”


To quote Calculon: “I’m not familiar with the type of thing I’m seeing.”


WARNING: What has been seen cannot be UNseen.


I think we just found someone to replace MCA on the Beastie Boys.


Yes. My brain has melted.


blasphemy. I fucking love Dolly, though. East Tennessee represent!


And it seems dementia has struck.


Oh that was funny. In other news: Marie Osmond recites DaDaist poetry:


Thanks for that. Some interesting context: “much to everybody’s astonishment, when they started filming [Osmond] abruptly looked away from the cue cards directly into the camera and recited, by memory, ‘Karawane.’” (From, where you can find Ball’s own, quite different version.)

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