Dolly Parton sings death metal version of Jolene


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Lavender is the new Black.


Dolly Parton sings death metal version of Jolene



I might have posted this here in some therad already, anyway:

(ETA: skip to 1:00 for the fun)


If I didn’t know better I would say she was lip-synching there.


I also shout fake - at no point did she bite the head off a live alligator which is well known to be one of her signature stage performances.


Darcy Clay’s '97 cover is another interesting one.

RIP Darcy. (The DIY kiwi multi-instrumentalist infamously killed himself 2-weeks before his scheduled performance at a suicide prevention and awareness gig.) Most known for his great song “Jesus I Was Evil”.



Jesus that was emo.


I’m sorry… once thought, that couldn’t be unthunk.


Given Darcy’s version was quite similar to how Jack White covered it later, I’ve always liked to believe someone gave Mr White a copy of Mr Clay’s EP at some point, which inspired the Stripes version.

Also, a minor point of note: I’d always thought he was an American living in New Zealand, but wikipedia tells me was an Aucklander that spent a few months in the US and Oz, so that’s my thing I learned today.


It’s more Blackened Death than straight Death. High vocals instead of guttural growls.


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