Dolphin-safe tuna is a danger to other animals


From the article…

“A simple glance at the table above shows that while dolphins bycatch goes down, every other studied species (except “unidentified bony fishes”, “other sailfishes”, and marlins) has much higher bycatch rates in “floating object” tuna fishing than in “dolphin associated” tuna fishing.”

A simple gance at the table doesn’t show this at all.

…Are you saying the table is difficult to understand with a simple glance or disagreeing with the result?

It seems likely we have reached and passed Peak Fish.

That the interpretation is wrong. Marlins are also worse under the logs/floating objects. They are not an exception.

It’s especially dangerous to tuna.

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Wow, very good attention to detail; you could let them and their editor know. Seems rather peripheral to the message of the article to me.

The HUMAN conquest know’s no bounds. Makes me sick I am not a worm yet.

Well yes. Probably unecessarily pedantic. Correcting the error makes the message stronger. This message that we’re pretty much all fucked remains strong. With 80% of fish by mass gone, more shipping than fish (by mass), the aquatic food chain collapsing, harvesting of krill, warming oceans, ever-increasing human population, all sorts of opposition to fish farming (perhaps with good reason), the chance of fish continuing as a significant food source into the near-term future seems small.

As an aside, I once knew a girl that inisisted “dolphin fish” on the menu was real mammalian dolphin. I explained that it was a generic term for mahi mahi (who LOVE to congregate under floating objects - see table in article) but she wouldn’t be swayed. To this day she is convinced that she regularly ate (eats?) dolphin.

Wow. I’m sorry to hear about that. Nothing I’ve ever had to endure.

I’m sure we’re on the same page, but internet doesn’t really fix anything.

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