Fishing trip surprise: Tiger Shark vs. Hammerhead!

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Nice job guys - you succeeded in killing a bunch of animals that day.

Hope the tuna fish was worth it




My thoughts exactly… fuckin’ dicks.


I saw one death in the jaws of another fish. Happens all the time. You should see bluefish in a school of menhaden, they bite the back half off one and move on to the next victim. Striped bass sit lazily on the bottom and wait for the rain of heads. Circle of life.

The hammerhead would have been released, but I assume you’re vegan and think fishing is evil, so there’s no point in talking about sustainable fishing or catch and release.


Wow - you sound like an angry, defensive person.

FWIW, I’m not vegan.

Please tell me more about how a bunch of dudes on an expensive fishing boat are sustainable fishing. And I think they missed the part about releasing the fish in the catch and release scenario - at least until after another fish had taken a bite out of it.

I’m well aware that nature is red in tooth and claw, but it surely doesn’t need extra help from Chad and his bros with their oh-so-extreme go pro arrays.


I’m not sure how you read @gellfex post as angry or defensive. It seemed more bemused and exasperated at the concern trolling than anything.

Do you imagine we are not also part of the bloodbath that is life here on Earth, or that we aren’t all responsible for the spilling of metric f*%ck tons of blood in the name of food, flags, religion, and idiocy? Perhaps “bunch of dudes on an expensive fishing boat” and the conspicuous money associated with “oh-so-extreme go pro arrays” are at the root of your antipathy.

Fishing is a great way to enjoy the ocean and bring home some non-commercially culled animals to the table. Line and hook sure beats nets and troll lines when it comes to sustainability.

side note: I’ve witnessed but not participated in open ocean fishing twice. Each time, one of the first things caught was a hammerhead. I’m wondering how common it is to catch them on a line or if it’s just a case of me being in the right place and all that.

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I’m concern trolling?
I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean.

Clearly I’m not going to change your mind or that of your previous club mate. I live right by the ocean and manage to enjoy it just fine without having to torture and torment animals along the way, but obviously YMMV.

Happy hunting, boys.

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To be fair, sport fishermen aren’t the problem, it’s fishing boats who are killing them by the horde…sometimes just for their fins.

The love of money is what’s causing extinctions.


So you are a vegan, or is it that torture and torment on an industrial scale is ok as long as you don’t see it? Why do we pretend that it’s better to kill animals en mass than to hunt or fish for them? How is hunting and fishing somehow more cruel? When did the industrial food conglomerates flip that switch? baffling

I’m vegetarian, so my conscience is clear, thanks very much. I appreciate your concern.


But killing something that’s already threatened on a smaller scale, just for fun and youtube views doesn’t really help the situation either.

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I get that, but as much as I’m not into sport hunting of any sort myself, I realize that they’re a bad target for things like sharks for whom they’re kind of insignificant.

I’m also assuming this is one of the hammerhead species that’s doing fairly well or they wouldn’t have gotten their permit, but that’s an assumption and could be incorrect. My opinion changes dramatically if this is one of the critically endangered species.

So then your problem with the video is simply that they are fishing for meat instead of veggies? and has nothing to do with “a bunch of dudes on an expensive fishing boat” aka " Chad and his bros"?
I suppose I won’t get any actual answers to the questions I’ve posed to you. Changing goal posts and directions and all that aside, this just seems like you’ve decided to attack “Chad and his bros” for choosing to be part of a normal human activity like fishing and I’d really like to think there is more to your position than 'I’m a veg eater so I like to judge others for having a different life than the one I chose".

What we need is more vegan sharks.

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ROFLMAO. If not for the RNC I could say it’s been a while since I’ve seen quite so flamboyant hypocrisy.

Just a few facts, I hope they don’t pop your bubble.

-Fishing always has bycatch. Commercial fishing leaves them dead, sport fishing they are just released.

-They were targeting tuna, not sharks. Line caught tuna is considered the most environmental way to harvest them, rather than netting which brings in bycatch including turtles & marine mammals.

-You don’t cut you line immediately when you’ve hooked an undesirable or protected fish, you bring it in and unhook it if you can. If you can’t, you cut the leader as close to the hook as you can so it affects the fish as little as possible till it corrodes. This corrodability is why stainless hooks are usually not used.\

-While big sport boats are very expensive, most of the millions of American fishermen are not the 1%. They fish from shore or from modest sized boats. And quite a few in the NYC area are immigrants continuing family traditions from their homelands. They can be a problem till they learn to obey our sport fishing regulations about minimum sizes and limited catches.


Really. do you have any idea how many animals are killed every time a field is plowed, or drenched in nonspecific insecticides? The idea that not eating animals reduces the human-caused death toll is completely false.


Ah, but those are lesser animals. You see, when we decide it’s wrong to kill we have to set up hierarchies of life to determine which are expendable for our existence.

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Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. As a vegetarian for 28 years I had never thought about this.
I really appreciate the concern and education. Great job!

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It seems like the tiger shark also likes to catch and release when he fishes :sweat_smile: