Fisherman cuts self out of shark, Sharknado-style



Dude! Spoilers!

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Keepin’ it classy.

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That doesn’t count! He didn’t use a chainsaw.

Meanwhile, in Australia…

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I’m not going to comment on killing the shark in the first place but to show so little respect for its lifeless carcass makes me sick. What a jerk.


It would have been rather cute if his first cut had stabbed himself in the head.

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That’s a tigershark. How come people are still finding slaughtering sharks funny? Would they have posted this picture and named it “picture of the year” if that idiot had killed a panda and crawled inside of it? People like this make me sick.

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Now Boing Boing is participating in gov’t cover-ups? People need to know sharks are growing arms.


Fuck that guy. The tiger shark is on every list of threatened and unsustainably-fished animals. It’s one of the most beautiful and graceful fishes in the sea but you’d never know it from all the photos of bloody dead ones or posed shots showing scary teeth. Dolphins are infinitely less threatened in the wild- what would people’s reaction be if it was a dolphin instead?

I’d like to tie a bunch of tuna steaks to him and toss him in with the sharks.


Where’s the un-like button for an article?


That guy’s a jerk. Try to have some class and allow dead animals to have some dignity. They don’t care, but I do.


Because animals are always kind and humane to the things they eat…

Don’t set too high a standard for yourself.

I’m not setting standards. Nature set the standards. Simply stating the obvious that humans are animals. Animals kill one another to eat. Can’t be more plain than that.

What’s more obvious is other species don’t kill something they’re not going to eat, cut it in half, climb into it, force their arms through body openings, photograph themselves in the process, and then for laughs show the photo around and get it posted on the internet.

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