Shark-related headlines: Fixed it for you



That’s not a fair translation; it should be: “Fish-eating animal eats another fish… in an awesome way!”


I try not to miss an opportunity to post a link to the great infographic illustrating how many people are killed per year by sharks vs. how many sharks are killed per hour by people:

It is worth checking out if you haven’t seen it yet.


How about:
“Shark stops attempt by tourist to steal his food… in an incredibly awesome way!!!”

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Close, but the headline should have been “Fish-eating animal fish eats a fish”.

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One could equally easily point out that our own human reponse is just as natural as a fish eatting a fish.

“Hysterical Ape-Descendants Collectively Hoot and Point at Mundane Occurance Which Startled Them”


What I don’t get is that this stuff happens all the time. How is this a novel or newsworthy event (even for the cool “I got to see a predator in action” thing). Find me a saltwater fisherman that hasn’t pulled up 1/2 a fish, or something with a big chunk out of it… Large predators follow schools, hooked fish behaves erratically, not paying attention to anything other than the line in it’s mouth, gets picked off by shark…

Funny how it doesn’t make the headlines when it’s a sea lion or a pelican that does this…

Whoa!, you’re totally missing the point, the point isn’t the headline, the point is selling the paper in order to sell advertising.
Its not funny at all when you think about it this way.
You can go to youtube right now and find all those videos of people fishing, which fit the scenario you just wrote about, these people posted these videos because they thought they were interesting!
And they are! (At least I think so)

Any pretense that you hold that the news shows you what you want/need to know is not shared by the news organizations themselves.

Hence the need to correct the headline!

This fix was also done to sexist tabloid headlines a while ago.
Can’t remember if the story made it here.

I was hoping to see one for “shark-infested waters.” An infestation is when something takes up residence where it doesn’t belong. Sharks belong in the water. (I suppose you could legitimately have a shark-infested swimming pool though.)

Having the sort of mind that defaults to puerile jokes, I always make a mental water/custard substitution when I hear that phrase.

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