Shark inside shark's mouth



Both have become prey to the most dangerous animal of them all, MAN

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We’re gonna need a bigger shark.


Yo Dawgfish


The dogfish fell victim to TWO of the top predators of the bay.

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I will never sleep again.

Those Delaware folks really are obsessed with Dogfish Head!

So the dogfish was thinking “Oh just great a freaking hook, what sick bastard did that? Oh well, things can’t get any worse…”

But where is the GOATSEshark recursion? I am disappoint

Not only do they have mud sharks up there, they’ve got little
octopusses that you can catch. And all these denizens of the deep can
come in real handy … Let’s say you were a traveling rock and roll
band called the Vanilla Fudge. Let’s say one night you checked into
the Edgewater Inn with a 8mm movie camera, enough money to rent a
pole, and just to make it more interesting – a succulent young lady
with a taste for the bizarre … my mind drifts back … to a meeting,
a chance meeting in the Chicago O’Hare airport where the members of
the Vanilla Fudge told Don Preston about a home movie they made at the
Edgewater Inn with a mud shark…


Those were the days.

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Better days, better days indeed,

To be perfectly honest, lots of shark researchers have similar pictures (as I am sure do long line fishermen). This sort of thing is not really that rare. I recall seeing one of a dogfish on the line, in the mouth of a sixgill, which itself was bitten in half by another (unknown) critter.

Long lines attract sharks, and sharks are not picky about going after the bait rather than critters which have already taken the bait and are hooked. It is often said the best way to catch sharks is to go fishing for salmon.

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There’s the next SyFy original - Sharkannibals!

Man, I want me a Matryoshark! (or would they be Russian Nesting Sharks?)

And in the middle they’ve got a dwarf lanternshark!

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