Dominant chess and basketball players graphed




Shame he didn’t make a chart for the superstars of the WNBA.


For a second I thought this meant I was going to see them PHOTO graphed. The XKCD chart is interesting, but it would be fun to see basketball players playing chess against masters and vice-versa.


Did he miss Viswanathan Anand, the world chess champion from 2007 to 2013? Anand is a univerally recognized genius who’s produced many beautiful games (like Vassily Ivanchuk, also missing from the cartoon). Perhaps Anand is less noteworthy because his personality is not eccentric?


I think that the answer might be that even at his highest ratings (I don’t know, but I think people are suggesting that on the xckd forum for this one), Anand never had the absolute highest rating in a year - even when he was World Champion, was his rating above Kramnik and then Carlsen?

See also that there’s no Kobe Bryant on the basketball chart, and I think he is/was quite good? (I don’t know - I love most sports but the appeal of basketball is an utter mystery to me).

Question is, if you are only a tiny bit better than your closest rival, are you really a dominant player?


I relate a lot to Zvorykina’s graphed achievement.


I have no idea how they put numbers on these things - I suspect it’s a form of automatic writing.


I don’t know if you are talking chess or basketball, but if you are talking chess, the rankings are pretty objective


The same system Nate Silver was using to predict a Brazil win in the World Cup? :wink:


So where’s the crossover potential? When do we get to see Chess players competitive in the NBA and vice versa? That I’d pay to see. I suspect the Harlem Globetrotters take the early lead in both.


As far as I know there is no Basketball crossover (team chess is not popular for some reason), but there is Chess Boxing, which is exactly what it sounds like.

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