Don’t video your friends running -- it’s intellectual property theft



Seems pretty straightforward. If you are on public property and haven’t entered into any contracts with the organizers by signing a form or buying a ticket, you can take pictures of any damn thing you want to. The NBA can act the way it does because its events are on private property and by buying a ticket you are consenting to the terms and conditions they set up.

However, if you did sign a contract with the organizers agreeing to their terms, you have to keep your word and obey those terms.


Why are they bothering with notices when all they need to do is play some MPAA RIAA music at the event and let the problem take care of itself?

(This is exactly what happened at an obstacle course race I participated in last year, actually.)


Could we leverage the existing geopolitical tensions? Russian corporations aren’t guaranteed to be eager to obey American requests…


Protecting your brand by making sure no one can talk about or display the brand, except through the protected practice of criticism. Great job USATF!


Seems too obvious to ask, but does their TOS require files to be dashcam footage?


There goes the home movies

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hey, could we not make fun of trigger warnings, thanks?

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Here’s a solution: cancel your membership in the Track and Field Association.


But, but … I need a social hierarchy within which to gauge my worth! /s

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Trigger Warning: Non serious Trigger Warning


Good news: last night (2/24) the track and field CEO agreed to reinstate the video. No change in the policy, however, and the USATF maintains the right to remove running videos shot at its events.

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Not all contracts are legally binding.


The likeliness of actually being able to control someone else’s copyright is basically zero.; It’s likely the people who put up the video on youtube could have lawyered up or even just counter-claimed. The rights to record or take photos cannot be taken away by a contract.

What’s happening here is more false claims by a big organization and less anything to do with IP.

Muh sacred cow.

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