International Olympic Committee bans GIFs


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good luck suing everyone on the internet.


Don’t give them ideas[quote=“quorihunter, post:2, topic:82788, full:true”]
good luck suing everyone on the internet.

Don’t go giving them ideas…


Next move’s yours, IOC. What’re you going to do about it?


Gentlemen, get your GIF software ready.


Ooooo you are playing with fire.


Legal award must be paid in porn.


I hear they also pronounced it “Jiff.”


I stopped watching the Olympics over 30 years ago and I don’t know how to make GIFs. but this … bullshit, is enough to drive me to learn how

hmmm …

I do hereby propose the creation of the GIFlympics!

How about it, Cory? Is that something boingboing can get behind? Set up a page or two dedicated to GIFs of the Olympics?


Clearly the solution is to make “flip-books” that will cycle through static images while you click really quickly.


I, for one, am perfectly happen to never utter the O-word again, or pay any attention at all to anything remotely connected with them, if that’s what they want. This is my default behavior, anyway.


Well, I was going to ignore all Olympics coverage but now I’m tempted to spend hours creating animated gifs from the footage and posting them to imgur.


What’s the olympics? I’ve never heard of it…


Is the IOC pretending to be clueless, or are they truly that out-of-touch?


My thoughts exactly, though your GIFlympics makes it even better. What a greedy bunch of fucks.


“OH, wait, what? Was this the one thing you specifically said not to do? My bad”


Is this some sort of reverse psychology thing?

  1. Tell people they can’t make animated images or videos of an event.
  2. This encourages/challenges them to view the event so they can make animations from that event.
  3. Those people share the animations so more people will view the event (albeit secondhand?)

Or am I giving the IOC too much credit, thinking them clever enough to do something like that?


Maybe, but if so, it’s from the Donald Trump school of brand management, generating attention by creating ill will. I hope the GIFs they get aren’t the GIFs they were looking for.


I say flood the Internet with as many Olympic-themed GIFs as possible, and try to violate as many of their provisions (such as not allowing sponsors of Olympic athletes to mention the Olympics unless they fork over) as possible.

I don’t have any great love for the Olympics, but the IOC are among the leaders of the current frenzy to convert copyright from creator protection into an extortion scheme. They deserve some pushback. It’s time that “Olympics” and “Olympic Games” were forced into the public domain like aspirin and escalator.

olympics olympics olympics olympics (This to satisfy the searchbots).


(I see what you did thar!)

What, me worry?