Read the bizarre Olympic Committee demands that led Oslo to pull out of the 2022 hosting race


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Another Olympic pool turned green
New logo for the Rio Olympics

…Wow, they really are a bunch of useless entitled parasites using the Olympics for their personal aggrandizement. Glad to see that the pushback to their self-perceived divinity is starting.


Hoo boy, that reads like a cross between the rider for a particularly snotty stadium rock band and a letter from Kim Jong Un’s PA. In the words of the Good Doctor, fuck those people.


minibars must stock Coke products

Is Pepsi okay?


These demands were so over the top that I knew they had to be a joke.

But then i traced it back to the source. I think they are the real thing.


When Boston was a frontrunner for the 2024 Olympics, the IOC’s demands (which they insisted be kept secret and all meetings be closed-door with no community presence) were reportedly bonkers. The City kept mollifying residents by telling us that the games would be entirely privately funded, but eventually admitted that the demands of the IOC included a tax levy to pay for everything. The final straw for Boston was when the IOC demanded that the city sign binding agreements eight months before they’d even have estimates of costs ready – the city would be legally on the hook to host before they had any idea what it would cost. So they pulled out and Bostonians are relieved.


so what happens when they can’t find any city to host any Olympics?


One of two things:

  1. They’ll drop one of the demands and try again.
  2. They’ll improve their off-the-books kickback offers for local politicians, and try again.

Sooner or later, they’ll find a city to host it.


For awhile, Athens was proposed as a permanent Olympic city. With Greece being what it is right now, that’s not really on the table.

But China has been pretty vocal about offering Beijing as the permanent Olympic site. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up there eventually.


IOC members shall be greeted with a smile when arriving at their hotel.

This one is my favourite, a measure of how disliked these parasites must know they are in the host cities.


As long as there are desperate cities with corrupt politicians and residents who are too powerless and/or unsophisticated to understand that the Olympics are a boondoggle, the ticks of the IOC will continue to find host bodies.


Totally absurd. But right now I wish I was working for the IOC.


Off with his head.


Sepp Blatter just keeps looking more “normal” amongst his “peers”


Their google snippet is a good synopsis:


As a Northern Californian, I ardently hope LA gets the 2024 Summer Olympics, as it would functionally preclude them from being held in the Bay Area for the rest of my natural life.


[quote=“bibliophile20, post:2, topic:80912”]Glad to see that the pushback to their self-perceived divinity is starting.[/quote]As per Wikipedia, the whole thing seems to have been dogged by scandal for almost the last twenty years. The suggestion of @zathras of “off-the-books kickback offers for local politicians” is the only thing that makes sense.

I seem to recall reading that the Bureau of International Expositions can be almost as bad.


‘The hot food offered in the lounges at venues should be replaced at regular intervals, as IOC members might “risk” having to eat several meals at the same lounge during the Olympics’

The Norwegians really should have stuck out and ensured that lutefisk was served at every meal. No vegetarian option. That’d teach the parasites at the IOC.


The population of Oslo voted to host but there was a lot of national politics mucking things up. Tromsø also wanted it but they’re a really small city very far north and would have to build everything from scratch, unlike Oslo which hosted the FIS World Cup in 2011 and is only two hours from Lillehammer which hosted the Olympics in 1994. When it was decided it was too expensive for Tromsø to host it was decided to not allow Oslo to host either. Also they said it would get too expensive anyway. Seeing the list of demands here I’m starting to understand the point.


Nah. Not Lutefisk. Surströmming . Inside a sealed room, to keep the plebes out. Perhaps with a side of Durian fruit salad as the vegetarian option.