Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land


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Yes! This was my absolute favorite 16mm film when I was still in grade school - ugh, those square root puns aren’t nearly as funny now though.


Glitch in the Matrix / Mandela effect: I’m pretty sure this used to be called “Mathemagic Land”


Far and away the best of the cartoon educational films. There were a whole bunch like Lever and Fulcrum, Uncle Scrooge and Money, Donald and the Wheel (bizarrely bad), and one I can’t remember the name of about blood that was a mix of cartoon and live action…

This one also did the job of getting me interested in math, mission accomplished.

And then there’s ‘The Story of Menstruation’ which only the girls were shown…



The one, and possibly most important, line I remember from this is “sea water.”


When I was in high school taking AP calculus, we took the AP exam about a week before graduation. After that, the class had nothing to do - so our teacher showed this movie, along with Flatland and a few others. So much fun!


Today the bit about the pentagram would get it banned.


1:51 in – “Pi is equal to 3.141592653589747 et cetera et cetera et cetera”?!

Circles must have been different back then.


I. love. this. cartoon. Thanks to the Disney Channel I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to watch it a bunch.


Who notices these things?


It’s time for you to see the fnords.


I still remember this fondly from the mid-70s.


I have the DVD for this. There also used to be a classroom pack with a teachers worksheet/guide.


The opening title clearly says “Mathmagic”, but it does sound like the narrator says “mathemagic.”

This film remains a clear memory from 3rd grade (a long time ago).


My kids grew up watching the VHS of this. In high school, my second daughter was shooting pool with a friend and his dad, and doing pretty well. The dad asked is she had learned to shoot so well from her own dad, and she answered, “No, I learned from Donald Duck.”


My dad worked for Cincinnati Bell in the 60s, and I was the hero of my elementary school teachers because I could get “Hemo”, “Our Mister Sun” and many of their other educational films for free.

Films! On projectors!


They used to show this regularly on the Disney Channel show “Donald Duck Presents”, back when featuring classic Disney content was their thing rather than awful tween sitcoms. Loved seeing it every time, and it made me want to try billiards.


Around 1990 somewhere, I realized I lived near the resource center for the school district, and I went and asked if they had any of the Bell Science Series sitting around. They didn’t. Then one of the public domain cable channels had a slot for them for a while—a very short while. I tuned in in the middle of one, and they maybe showed one more before putting something else in the slot.

Now you can find them on YouTube, of course. I think I’ll be downloading stuff for a while, folks. Pardon me.


That was it! Which leads right to

which I had completely forgotten about.


I don’t remember that one.

Interestingly when I saw Hemo in the 1970s, it was in black and white.