Scientifically accurate "Duck Tales"


Bearing in mind the previous Scientifically accurate Spider-Man (which was rather far from scientifically accurate, in the end), I just know this is going to contain at least three references to corkscrew penises and/or rape, and am thus disinclined to watch.

With regard to the `simple digestive system’ fact: I’ve been told that it used to be a childhood pastime to feed a duck a greased piece of meat tied to a string, which the duck would pass almost immediately, and then pull the string through and feed the meat to another duck, and another, and so on. This would form a chain of ducks (a duck centipede, if you will) that you could lead around.


Add in “ducks are cannibals” and you have every joke in that overlong video.

Isn’t that thing about your head exploding in space scientifically inaccurate?


Swell. So when I stopped traffic on the Mall in London this morning, and assisted a duck and her four 'lings to cross the six lane road (a policeman stopped to help me), I actually did Nature a disservice.


A bit too much anthropomorphic rape for my tastes…

Alan Moore’s got this one.


Since I have lived in a house with a stream in the backyard I have indeed learned how awful ducks truly are. But their babies are still number two on my cutest baby animals list (kittens are number one of course).

you know the ORIGINAL disney duck Donald was a real jerk in those early cartoons. That was his main thing.

OK, that wasn’t just NSFW, that was NSFL. And you retroactively ruined my childhood.

I heard this as feeding a piece of salted pork to a goose.

So is ducks wearing clothes.

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