Bare-chested Russian orders ducks to attention, marches them into barn



Now there’s a man who has all his ducks in a row.


I’m not sure that is the best Wittgenstein translation.
I usually sing it to the tune of good king Wenceslas to remember

At least he doesn’t use corporal punishment.

If somebody yelled at me like that, I might just line up too.

Doing Pavlov proud!

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Given that the bare-chested Russian duck herder is herded by a bare-chested Russian bare-chested Russian herder it seems safe to assume that an arbitrarily recursive matryoshka doll of autoparodically hypermasculine command will break out at any moment…


Now I know, the opposite of “like herding cats” is “like herding ducks”.


That’s an army, not a flock. He’s clearly preparing to fight Obama with 50 duck-sized ducks.

Nice flocking program…

You can’t really beat the good old whereof/thereof combi.

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Alternate headline:
Ducks aware of human actions that signal feeding time


Just being nit-picky here, but that Russian is not bare-chested. He’s wearing a light coloured vest over long-sleeved black shirt.

On a different thought, I wonder how he is as a baby-sitter … :smiley:


Pretty obviously just a high level ranger with ranks in Leadership.

Can anyone offer some backstory or context? Mainstay farming tasks or peripheral fun?

Interesting how quickly they all hustled to get in line before marching in. I wonder how many ducks he had to ‘make an example of’ before the others learned that quick hustle.

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Why not sing it in German?

Fucking ducks. How do they work?


I was checking it out during the morning commute – made the wife jump (not good when she is driving).

I wonder if he can do this with 100 duck sized horses…

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