Donald Trump committed fraud and lied about his wealth for many years, rules judge

Especially if DeSantis’s investigation doesn’t identify all of the tendrils and DeSantis’s own current backers get pulled in.


It’s a mighty big fine and now no bank outside of Russia will touch him.


A jury trial was unnecessary, hence summary judgment.
Summary judgment means there is no dispute in facts which could require a trial. Therefore the judge can issue a ruling for a given party.

It is a standard which is fairly easy to beat if there are genuine issues of fact to be determined. The fact that it was granted shows how weak the defense was.


Banks here are going to sue his pants off. Even if they were in on the grift, which at least some were, they now have proof of the grift they can use against him.

I also saw that as part of the ruling, they have their business licenses pulled and have 10 days to find someone to handle dissolution of the companies.

There’s going to be ketchup all over the walls in Florida tonight.


True nuff. The audacity of a supposedly wealthy person calling on those “less fortunate” to support their legal travails rankles me to no end. I am astounded and deeply disappointed that such a scheme can even succeed, despite witnessing televangelists do it mercilessly for many years. I’ve said this elsewhere, but again, decadence is costly. True decadence is getting those who cannot themselves afford decadence to pay for your decadence.


That’s an awful broad brush there. Could you provide specifics about the rights the Biden Administration has taken away from you, or are you just whinging?



Voting to ensure the less-evil candidate is the one who ends up in the White House isn’t the end of civic engagement. It’s more like the bare minimum any decent citizen should be expected to do.

If you think more should be done to protect our rights then there are dozens of ways to make a difference at the local, state and Federal levels. Heck, you can even run for office yourself if you think you can do a better job than someone else!


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It may well be the start, if I can be all Polly-Anna for a moment, of prying all his claimed hoard out of his pudgy little fists.

Every asset that is covered by this ruling is now going to be subject to civil lawsuits from the loaning institutions and individuals that he lied to. Since it is now a matter of public record that he lied they will most likely end up owing it all, as well as any assets that used the New York assets as part of their financing, which could cause a domino effect as the courts systematically award not just money, but in some cases titles and deeds to those lenders and creditors. In addition, with this conviction any other asset that can be shown to have been acquired by similar means will have a much, much easier time getting things through court, even overseas. If as has been long believed Trump’s assets are far outweighed by his debts and it’s all just a house of cards, this may serve as yanking one of the critical cards at the bottom – no matter how carefully attempted, the eventual collapse becomes inevitable.


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Trump’s ‘Seinfeld Defense’ argues it wasn’t a crime if he believed his own lies | Opinion | Salt Lake City Weekly


you know that “draining the swamp” was never about accountability for criming right?

it’s always been about getting left leaning people and their policies out of government. about making sure that men can bully and harass women, that cops can abuse suspects, and that rich people can get away with fraud

in fact, he’s currently being held accountable by the parts of government he’d like to get rid of.

i love this part in that screenshot:

However, as this Court already ruled, these non-party disclaimers do not insulate defendants from liability, as they plainly state that "■■■■■ is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of the financial statement in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America"

i can’t help but hear the snark in that particular line


Maybe this is part of what you meant (I’m working overnight, which I don’t usually do), but I just remembered the following, because it’s why my former employer effectively no longer exists:

Although this is a civil suit, some loans can be canceled (with the debt immediately due) if the borrower happens to receive a criminal conviction. I guess it depends on the lender &/or the terms of the specific loan, but perhaps this decision is one such trigger.


I don’t think there’s any snark. It’s referring to accounting rules that US companies are expected to follow.


Do we really have to do this again? Yes, one side is far from perfect, needs to be more progressive and is far too chummy with corporate interests for my tastes. The other side are fucking Nazis! There is no both sidesing this. The Republican party has gone full authoritarian, “pure blood,” Aryan Nazi. With the Dems, we (me and mine) have a seat at the table and a voice. With the fascists, we have a place in the camps, briefly. This is not equivalent. Yes, for a lot of us, rights are being taken away. Every day, it seems. This is, both directly and indirectly, fallout from autocratic Republican rule. You want the country to be better? Vote the fascists out at every level. Federal, state local. No Republicans, nowhere, never. And, for most of us, that means voting for Dems. Then, get active in your local party and push it to more progressive policies. We won’t get everything we want, certainly not all st once, but we need to staunch the bleeding first. Get the fascists out. Period.


Never underestimate the naiveté of Deutsche Bank


The leopard will eat my face off, but the dog will poop on the floor. So hard to decide which one to invite in my home.

This isn’t even a “lesser of two evils” situation; it’s more like “outright evil versus annoying.”


That’s one good reason why DeSantis wouldn’t do it. In the words of Buckaroo Banzai, “No, no, no, don’t tug on that. You never know what it might be attached to.”

The other good reason is that DeSantis has revealed himself to be a coward, who’s never going to really try to stick it to Trump. Or if you don’t like the word ‘coward’, you could say that he’s smart enough to realize that Trump, unlike librarians and schoolteachers, is a hard target. If DeSantis tries to take him down but fails, he’s going to be The Guy Who Angered The Great Orange Messiah forever, and that comes with significant health risks.

De Santis’s strategy – and perhaps the strategy of all Republicans now – is to wait for the Democrats and the DoJ to take Trump down. If that happens, it’s a double- or triple-win for them. First, Trump is no longer a political force, and some other ambitious little sociopath can step into the space he filled. Second, their hands are clean, so the red-hatted maniacs (probably) won’t come after them. And third, they get to decry the baseless persecution of the great Republican hero by the deep state leftist establishment, and ride the resulting wave of outrage all the way into whatever political office they covet.

With the exception of a hard core of the faithful, who really do believe that Trump is the second coming of Orange Jesus, pretty much every conservative politician is probably praying that Trump does get utterly demolished in the courts. They want Trump destroyed, but they want someone else to do it.


I think you misspelled avaricious greed and complete absence of ethics.


But what if it’s not one ambitious little sociopath, but half a dozen dozen vying for the position?

Without a clear successor to the MAGA crown, it’s Game of Thrones.


That sounds like a “them problem”, and I don’t intend to lose sleep over it.

Until one of the toxic little monsters scrabbles its way to the top of the pile and makes itself everyone’s problem.