Donate to the Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund

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It links to the ALCU’s donation page.

Is this a double bluff, and the ALCU is a front for the Klan?

I think they should have accepted donations directly, then passed them on to the ACLU. They’d get more out of Turmp-listeners that way.


Except it takes weeks or months to register a nonprofit. I think the punch line is just fine when they click to donate and then see “ACLU,” which means the same as “ACORN” in Liberal, right?


So could this be done with other Trump narratives - accepting them in ways that subvert the intent by benefitting his opponents? E.g. Insisting that the five million illegal votes demand not just a recount but a whole new election?


The Bowling Green Massacre really did happen, but the government hushed it up in order not to distract from their false flag actor massacres. [Alt-fact]


That is some fine healthy breeding stock ironies you’ve raised there. You ought be proud.


My thoughts and my prayers are with the families of the Bowling Green Massacre victims tonight.


I lost a toenail at Bowling Green, ripped right off.

I still think about the ghosts that ripped off my toenail. No nightmare yet, but it’s coming…

Here’s my other toenail as an offering for the Bowling Green Ghosts.


We need to help the victims of the Bowling Green massacre. Don’t let the terrorists win. Do it for the children.


that’s outrageous! I hear Trump’s going to sign an EO making it possible to do a non-profit in minutes though.

Welcome to doublespeak.

Give every Republican you know a copy of George Orwell’s 1984, NOW

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While I laud your idea it makes the assumption that the republicans; A) would be willing to read it or B) can read at all.

On A I’ll bet 95% wouldn’t read it on B a reading ability sufficient to comprehend it is probably at the 50 to 60% level who could understand.

And yeah I’m pulling this right outta thin air…as is the new current standard for anything anybody wants to say



However, I see our job as to teach everyone we know how to think critically right now. In order to do that, you need to read and discern. Read 1984 and then talk. It may be that simple, at the moment.

It has never been more important.

Welcome to doublespeak.

Give every Republican you know a copy of George Orwell’s 1984, NOW

Go back to the drain.


No, no, you don’t understand. 1984 is not a cautionary tale that can be applied in any way to a free and democratic country like the US. It’s a cautionary tale about the evils of socialism and communism.

I had teachers in grade and high school who were hardline Reagan era anti-communists. That was how they saw the book. I suspect many of the better educated republican congresspeople had it as required reading at one point or another. And you can rest assured that is how they interpreted it, too.


Grab your guitar and remember the victims in song

The Ballad of Bowling Green

Where were you when you heard the news?
Four shot dead in Bowling Green
Tragic deaths that no one knew
Seven dead in Bowling Green

Terror stalks our towns and cities
Eight struck down in Bowling Green
No network news, and that’s a pity
Nine souls gone from Bowling Green

Were you there when the bombs went off?
Eighteen dead in Bowling Green
Confusion reigned and reporters scoff
Kellyanne down in Bowling Green


I know you are being ironic, but it might be worth mentioning that Kinglsey Amis wrote a similar (but much less well known) dystopic novel about a world run by the Roman Catholic Church.

1984 is about authoritarianism and the control of the media. It is equally applicable to Hitler and Goebbels as it is to Stalin. And for authoritarians, it’s a textbook.


Classic Libtard propaganda, making fake news out of the atrocities committed and the lives lost at BGM! When will you people see that we are under attack - ATTACK- and our values are at risk from Islam, Jewism, Buddists and all non-GOD feering heathens! I think it’s a disgrace that you would turn the good, Christian work of the Fund into a parody, in a attempt to keep good, American, Christian, white people like me from donating. Your disgusting!

For me, I will spread the word - and the WORD - and tell all my GOD- fearing, America-loving (white) christian friends NOT to fall for your evil, fearmongering fake news and trickery, and to donate to the Fund. We must make sure that we uphold the (white) christian values of this country,and give to those (white) people who were so ruthlessly slaughtered at BGM.

Make America Grate Again!


Well, it is. Or to be precise, it’s a cautionary tale about the evils of authoritarian communism AND fascism, which Orwell saw as different flavours of the same totalitarianism. (The name of the ideology of Airstrip One, “English Socialism”, can be read as literally “socialism with English characteristics” or as a variation on “National Socialism”.)

As a libertarian socialist (with anarchist sympathies) who was shot by fascists and then nearly arrested and shot by Stalinists, he’s entitled to this opinion.


Not ironic. I have met so-called history teachers who, if asked, would have told you that 1984 is all about the evils of communism and socialism. Lots of trump supporters have almost certainly read 1984 (it’s on enough required reading lists). They just don’t think it is applicable to the people they like to vote for.

The truth contained in a book does not leap off of the page unless the reader’s mind is open to receiving it. Giving 1984, or any anti-authoritarian book for that matter, to the supporters of America’s current wannabe-Fuhrer will do nothing because they are not going to see themselves or their leader in it.