DoNotPay bot launches a cheap airline ticket that automates the nearly impossible business of getting refunds when prices fall

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I’m sure that the airline industry will react to that much like western nations when a third world country gets the bomb.


I just bought tickets to Japan a week ago or so, this is excellent though not knowing how this site works i hope that it’s able to keep an eye on my tickets. Thanks for the heads up on this!


does using this mean that I might end up flying United?


If you want a beating for cheap, yes.


I do hate to be beaten by an aristocrat, despite the stylishness I find the bruises lack the good own down home feel I grew up with.



I feel like the airlines’ own pricing algorithms will just detect the loss of revenue and raise ticket prices to compensate, also without human intervention.


Apparently only works with a Google log in - does that mean it also assumes everyone uses gmail? Didn’t get any farther than not providing them my Google login


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Minor update: Signed up for the service, it really is quick but here’s what that entails.

It’s going to ask to have access to your email inbox, might turn some people off but the service needs to be able to find reservations on your email (flights and hotels). It will also ask for a debit/credit card in order to deposit any savings it could potentially get for you, this can also potentially turn people off.

I’ll report back if i do get a refund. Sort of doubt it as i got a pretty cheap fare to begin with.

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I use yahoo but i have it linked to Google’s services which is easy to do. Google sent me an email saying the DoNoyPay service requested access to my inbox:

Hi GreyDevil,

DoNotPay now has access to your Google Account ■■■■■@yahoo com.

DoNotPay can:

View your email messages and settings

You should only give this access to apps you trust. Review or remove apps connected to your account any time at My Account.

Learn more about what it means to connect an app to your account.
The Google Accounts team

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Well hello there new member…


I’m interested in the service since I fly a lot. But that’s way more access than I am willing to give to an unknown online service. If they’d like me to forward the emails to them (like Tripit does), I’d be fine with that.

Until then, I’ll pass

The DoNotPay has a good track record of advocating for customer’s (legal) rights, you could google them if you were inclined to do so. You are totally right that the level of access the service is asking for is a lot, and it does legitimately make me uncomfortable but i’m aware of their reputation for having been very effective at fighting tickets, settlements, etc via automation so i’m willing to take the risk. Also i’ve given my credit card vs my debit so if something nefarious happens i can easily dispute the fraudulent charge. The access to the email i’m not super worried about but i can revoke access at any time.


That’s fair enough. I can understand different people’s tolerance for risk - that’s beyond my comfort level and it’s unfortunate that there isn’t an alternative method of submission.

I do agree 100%. I would much prefer only giving my card info should a refund be available or take the option to have them wire the funds or send a check/gift card. And instead of giving email access also let people manually input their reservation info.

I like these bots that automate away deliberately designed bureaucratic hassles. This one would be a good acquisition for Hopper, which makes an app that advises you on the right time to buy a ticket based on historical pricing.

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