Don't give up straws. Get stainless steel ones instead

It’s terrible to try to drink hot beverages through a stainless steel straw. We have a set of them and they are sitting out but really never get used. We re-use and wash sturdy plastic straws all the time.


This isn’t just about home use. Some cities have already banned plastic straws, and more are considering it. Some vendors like Starbucks have pledged to phase them out.

We’ve had at least some success in getting people to bring their own cups to the coffee shop and their own bags to the supermarket. I don’t see why this couldn’t be another small step.


Metal straw = destroyer of front teeth

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I envision a vampire movie where the victims are treated like juice boxes. Just poke 'em with the straw.



Why not use wheat straws? it’s where the name and original idea came from before 1920(?). they’re also compostable, organic, and produced as a byproduct all over the world.


this. still not perfect, environmentally speaking (think of toilet-paper, this is still often wood out of rainforests, no shit), but at least they rot away in a very short time. furthermore;

Don’t give up straws

why not?

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The tl;dr is plastic straws aren’t great - but the ban is based on bad data and they are a tiny pimple on the butt of the overall marine pollution crisis.


in which way?!? this is sarcasm, right?!?

Not sarcastic at all. If you want a reusable straw, these are great. They have rubbery tips so you don’t burn your mouth, they don’t need a plastic bristle cleaning brush, and they have a clever folding design so they store compactly.

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Yup. As usual, we’re willing to steamroller over those with disabilities, all the while pushing the myth that individual (not corporate!) responsibility will fix the problem. Spoiler alert, it won’t. Especially when the answer is still “Consume!”




[I know; you said ‘disposable’, not ‘plastic’ :wink: ]


Hey, I believe the first known use of straws was for beer drinking. Ancient Egypt or something. It was how you bypassed the sedment.


Mining is causing a lot of environmental damage, and for the rarer metals you need to dig up and refine a lot more ore. Steel may be recyclable, but only if it is disposed properly.

[quote]Plastic straws and other single-use items break down into ever-smaller particles that are showing up in the bodies of small marine life and working up the food chain, hence the drive to get rid of them.
This is just a matter of having good waste disposal, easiest is to incinerate the waste for the energy contents. Just don’t send it to poor countries that pretend to sort and reuse it.

from the website you linked:

Americans use 500 million straws every single day

americans alone.

they worse than simple steel-ones, environmentally speaking; made out of different artifical materials than just one and they have to be assembled from more than two parts in production.

and this:

Plastic straws can’t be recycled
The greatest advancement in sucking technology—since, like, forever.

sorry, absolutly no offense, ficus, but I think this whole site is dishonest as fuck.

eta/ as MalevolentPixy points out, its all about our consumerism, just stop buying shit you dont really need for fucks sake!

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I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove here. I’ve said I think that the premise of plastic straws being this huge blight on our environment mostly overblown. I have no guilt in using plastic straws, but I keep a reusable straw with me to use when I go somewhere that doesn’t provide them (or only provides those awful paper ones).

To that end, I linked to a reusable straw product that I actually use and like a lot. It seems to be more useful and practical than one the adverpost is hawking. I didn’t provide an affiliate link or anything, and I don’t make any money off of my recommendation or otherwise have any skin in the game.

I’m sorry if you don’t like the provocative nature of the site, but it’s really of no concern to me. Nobody’s forcing or asking you to do anything so I’m not really sure why you’re wasting so much time trying to pick apart my posts.

Good day to you.


just increasing desperation:

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Paper straws work fine.


Really. Every American uses 1.5 straws a DAY?


In Mesopotamia, 5000 years ago, the Sumerians and Babylonians drank beer from huge earthen vessels using straws. They brewed their beer in the same vats from which they drank, and spent barley and oats and other by-products from the fermentation process would float to the top. There are ancient drawings that depict them sharing the same vats, with multiple people drinking with their own straws.