WD40's new straws are pretty amazing

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I have never managed to get WD40 out of the far end of the straw without also getting more of it out of the can end. That’s on a good day. On a bad day I just get it out of the can end, sometimes with dribbles and drops al over me / the floor.
But then again, I may just be inept.


Holy crap! WANT.

This, along with Green Works/Clorox’s recent innovation to put the tube for their atomizers as an integrated component of the bottle, ensuring you can get 100% of the liquid out, are great innovations to what, decade-old ideas about what these products should work like?

Now, how about for the next step, we rid ourselves of crimped blister packs and can openers that leave jagged, weaponized lids when opening cans? :wink:


The “EZ Reach” straw has the added advantage of permitting you to hold the can upright, permitting full use of the product, which, otherwise, is unreachable if you find yourself needing to invert the can to hit your target.


Huh. And here I was ready to bet that the first comment – or surely the second – would inquire about how these new straws alter the classic WD40 flamethrower experience.

It’s not an illusion. BB comment threads really are declining in usefulness.


Those pivoting nozzles (which they have had for a long time, with straight straws) are great except when they are ever so slightly misaligned, and you get backsplashed. WD-40 is handy for a lot of things, but it tastes terrible.


Anybody know if these can be daisy-chained? I needed to oil a bearing in an *impossible place and discovered that nobody makes the really long (3ft-4ft) bendy-spouted oil-cans anymore.

(* A day's labor to tear the machine down far enough to reach directly.)

These have actually been out for a while. The bendiness is cool for what you expect it to be for, but in my opinion it’s not stiff enough to do what the straw did perfectly well. It does allow the open spray when the tube is down. I actually should try sticking an old straw in there to see if it fits. ‘Why not both’


I love WD-40, I always have a can around and I would seriously consider honestly buying a human safe version of it as cologne just because I like the smell.

There is something though that is orders of magnitude better than even WD-40 for unsticking things. Better even than PB Blaster.

Its called “Really Good Shit”. No, really. That is actually the name. I have unstuck 43 year old seized BMW bolts when WD-40 wouldn’t even touch it. This stuff is amazing.

I think it is made by CRC as a subsidiary product perhaps with a gag label but that’s actually what’s on the label and in Black type not in joking fashion. It just is actually really good shit. I have yet to find something that it cannot unstick, and I do a lot of antique equipment repair so I run into stuff all the time.

Wish I could find the can to take a picture because nobody is going to believe me but I swear this isn’t a joke. The only place I know of that sells it on the Shelf is the gift shop at Cool Springs Engine Museum in Coolsprings, Pa- the world’s largest internal combustion engine Museum that takes up an entire mountain valley.
When they need to unstick something on a hundred fifty year old engine that’s the stuff they use.


That’s very interesting! I had been looking for something that would hold shape as there’s a bit of a corkscrew element to the path, but I’ll bet this could be snaked down a length of semi-rigid flex conduit. Thanks for that!

I should give that a try on my 60-year-old seized BMW bolts. I’ve been using Kroil, which is good stuff, but there are some bolts it just wouldn’t free.

I wonder if these new WD-40 tops will work on other spray cans (like Aerokroil or Really Good Shit); I know many spray paint cans have the same valve stem with a different cap and I’m guessing the same is true of most spray cans in general.

WD40’s headquartered here in San Diego, yes we are the champions.


Somewhere I’ve got a can opener that cuts the side of the can just below the crimp, instead of the lid just inside the crimp. It doesn’t leave a jagged lid, and I can scrape out the can with a rubber spatula without cutting it up.


Just to make sure you know, WD-40 is not really a lubricant. If you are using it to free up corroded parts, or using it for it’s water displacement value (that’s where the WD comes from) it is the right tool, If you are trying to lubricate something there are oils and greases

A zoom spout oiler and a piece of 1/4 soft copper will get you anywhere you need to go.Shove the oiler’s tube into the 1/4 copper and tape it on. Leave the copper on site and you will always have the exact bend you need.


OT - you have given me another choice for summer roadtrips. Thanks!

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NP. I’ve lived in PA most of my life aside from Japan in Oklahoma but I never knew this was an hour north of where I live basically.

Just make sure before you go to look up on the web what weekends they run the engines you want to go on a weekend when they are running and best weekend is June swap meet you can buy engines too.

Sorry didn’t mean to hijack OP’s thread.

I don’t consider someone a proper man unless they have at least one can of WD-40 in their house somewhere. The stuff has earned its reputation

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I’ve used one of these and it was great for 99% of cans… and then you get one non-standard can that it just will not work on.

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Nice, but so much extra packaging. Why not sell it as an accessory that I only need to buy once?

This is what I turned up with a quick Google search, and unfortunately it wasn’t much at all.


These are the people who had the trademark for it, I don’t know if they are the ones still producing it: https://www.trademark247.com/really%2Bgood%2Bshit-74450430-1.html

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