Don't text and walk while crossing a street in Honolulu or you could get a ticket


What is you’re reading a book?


In DC where cars DO NOT STOP for pedestrians of any size, shape, form, nationality, social status or disability they have installed these devices to better time crossings:

No mention of cell phone usage and perhaps there should be.There are lots of SP Zombies in DC.


They are wearing different shoes.


Most homeless people have what they had when they became homeless. If I were to become homeless again then a smart phone would be high on the list of things I would keep, as I think it would be highly likely to be my ticket out of homelessness. The same applies for unemployment.


Cell phones i imagine would be relatively easy to get. Buying a used one from a pawn shop or getting an unwanted phone from someone on the cheap or free. If one had access to wifi then having a working SIM card would also not be needed, but i imagine that getting a pre-paid account is doable. The main issue i see is getting reliable access to a plug to charge up at odd hours, i have heard of instances of security guards or police harassing homeless people sitting at a spot that had an outlet.


Roger that!


In Hawai‘i it is possible to work full time and still not be able to afford an apartment.


Not surprising sadly. I think rents in a lot of major cities are like that for the lower income service workers. Folks that are the backbone of the city can’t live in the city.


Did I read the law the correctly? You can’t even look at the screen? Say, if you wanted to know the time?


Folks who walk around without looking where they’re going deserve everything they get (except blind people, obvs).

I’m so fucken sick of dodging idiots staring at phones. Fuck you, it’s not my job to get out of your oblivious way. May Darwin take you.

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