Don't text and walk while crossing a street in Honolulu or you could get a ticket


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In my view, these sort of laws fall in to the “bad” category for one simple reason. If you cannot afford to pay the fine, you will be jailed for a crime of mala prohibita. No one should ever lose their freedom for such offenses.


Interestingly, Honolulu does have a serious pedestrian death problem with certain demographics (#1 for seniors) and certain neighborhoods (not generally ones with high homeless concentrations) and apparently in crosswalks.

I live here, and we have terrible policies towards homeless people, but I have been following the discussion over the ban and there is no hint at all that it is designed as another tool against the homeless. That’s not to say it isn’t stupid law that won’t accomplish anything, but this article is a reach.


So, homeless people have smart phones? Most homeless people I have seen barely have clothes on their backs let alone a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone in their pockets. I’m not so sure about the homeless harassing thing unless the homeless in Hawaii are richer than imagined.


Don’t text and walk while crossing a street in Honolulu or you could get dead



Nice gif. It looks like the guy who falls is the same guy that runs up to check on him. Maybe it’s portal or something


At also the sort of law that is used to arbitrarily single out anyone an officer wishes such as a person of color or someone wearing baggy pants and a hoodie.


The nice lady in the illustration is not going to get the ticket, I think.


I have seen quite a few people around me who appear to be sleeping rough and have older model smart phones, that I would speculate are being used wifi-only (based on mostly seeing them in places with municipal wifi). A second-hand several year old model without cell service can be had for nearly nothing and strikes me as a tremendously useful thing to have in such a situation.

I have seen exactly zero instances of someone who appeared to be sleeping rough walking across the street staring at their phone, though.




Skywriting is more of issue of pedestrian safety. I’ve seen people flailing their skyward arms in the air writing love notes to who knows who while walking into traffic. Lets see somebody try and write a ticket for that! /s


I live in Austin and i regularly see homeless people with smart phones. Sometimes even a tablet or laptop. Because they have these possessions does not make their problems any less real.


I remember that someone tried to help those folks in Austin by turning them into walking pay-for-use Hot Spots. SXSW? Are they still doing that?


I recall the scenario but not the location. A search does confirm that this was in Austin, TX however. I don’t find it surprising sadly enough. And no, as far as i know the locals here try really hard to ignore the homeless and transients despite their large numbers. Go toward 6th street and you’ll see them taking up a few blocks.


Average one bedroom apartment in Honolulu >$1500/mo. Average smart phone cost on McDonald’s wifi or other free wifi, $0/mo.


Runs back to see what he fell into


Technological progression. Was a time having a portable radio must of been all the rage but eventually became the norm. Same thing with wifi / personal electronic devices regardless of personal fortune.

Did see a young woman almost walk in front of an electric tram as she walked into a street staring at her phone as she text message. If I hadn’t yelled she may have bought the farm that day.


Some do have smartphones, but not the expensive flagship models you describe. Smart phones are dirt cheap these days. You can get a new smartphone for $20-50 through a pay as you go carrier. See:
Being homeless doesn’t mean have zero money and zero income. Sure there are plenty that don’t have money, but also plenty who get a little bit of income from under the table jobs here and there as they can. Or even those who work part time, but just don’t make enough to save for a down payment and monthly rent payments. But it’s more that’s possible to scrape together $50 to get a cheap smartphone and a one month pay as you data plan. Smartphones are proper computers and can provide access to email, banking, and support services.

I have a homeless relative, my most consistent method for contacting him has been through Facebook messenger of all things. This is one of the reasons that, despite my strong distaste for Facebook, I won’t delete my account.