Don't you dare turn off this digital lamp!

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Also… probably don’t go there if you have light sensitivity…



“Can you damn kids leave the damn lightswitch alone, goddamnit!”


15 people in the room, all fighting over the switch. felt like i was back in my childhood home


Next step: a pretend thermostat, with a father off to the side saying, “Put on a sweater!”


“And close the front door! We’re not trying to heat the whole world!”


Last one out, you know what to do.


Maybe I’ll check back later like on Sunday at 6 a.m.


I am certain that several of the 10 or so users in the room were all responding at the same time to my morse code hello, but unfortunately I lack the numerical noise suppression mesh add-on that I need to understand their unique responses. Just looked like a lot of randomly flashing lights.

Make it a TV remote and we have Armageddon

Hm. A site just for Morse code.

A screen with buttons and keyboard dot-dashes, and assign each user a different tone with a stereo spacial position.

Even with a lot of noise, a trained ear could pick out the signal they wanted, like a CW DX pileup.

I could do it with websockets and wav files, but it would be a pain to generate all the wav files. There’s probably a way to get browsers to generate the tones.

  • Investigate browser synth pages.
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With Climate Change, you are. :call_me_hand:

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Reminds one of

It says please leave light on and then gives instructions how to turn it off.

Fighting over the thermostat in our house has been a lot easier since we installed a smart thermostat.

Alexa turn up heat, Alexa turn down heat.

My wife: put on some clothes if your cold.
Me: take some off if your warm.

I decided to do something silly:

MultiPython, a multi-user sound board with Doom2 Monty Python sounds.

I’ll remove the link when I take it down or it’s frying circuits. Meanwhile, I’ll stick it up on github.

On github:

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Aren’t most electric lamps digital though? As their states are a binary “off” or “on?”

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