Door Game Meta Topic

I feel you man, I have no idea how cars work, I’m greatly influenced by loud awesome cars I’ve seen while attending plane shows, early 1980’s television, the Space Age, and just about any car that has been mentioned in songs by the Beach Boys or Jan and Dean.

Pontiac GTO, perfect for an Escort with a big trunk full of fun. And caltrops. And machine guns. And Her Royal Highness’ Matched Luggage.

Ford Mustang, another good Escort option, but you could make it work as a Scout

Dodge Challenger, ask the Dukes, they’ll Escort you through Hazzard County. Or what’s left of it

Chevy Corvette probably a little light for an Escort, but up your alley for a Scout. Travel in style like the Apollo Astronauts!

MG Midget, about as Scouty as it gets, provided there are roads.

Shelby Cobra, Scout. It’s just all engine and exhausts.