Door repair technician's excellent t-shirt


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Great shirt!

Is that fellow wearing one of my Nixie watches? It sure looks like it. Huge, round and thick. If so, it would be the first photo I’ve seen of a stranger wearing one.


Giant thick watches seem to be the style now.


I can see the applications for other service technicians:

Plumber (we aim to please, you aim too, please)
Electrician (Don’t use the microwave until I say so)
Painter (wet paint)
Garage DOor (No parking)



Yes, but there is no other watch in the world that has that profile.


Finally the Techniker arrives!


Thanks, I nearly forgot this very fine meatspace meme.

Wasn’t this covered here in BB? I found only one English link for buzzfeed.



That was awesome–the power (or lack thereof) of memes!


yeah I’m currently suing that guy because he confused me with that shirt and I ended up walking into the wall on his right.

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