Brilliant decal on plumber's truck


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Funniest thing I’ve seen since the proctologist’s truck decal.


“He really gives a shit”


Clever camouflage to distract you from what he’s really doing behind the cover of that door :open_mouth:


That guy for POTUS!


has no one seen a dump truck before?


Pipes. It’s all about pipes.


I was wondering if the back of the guy’s truck featured plumbers crack.


[quote=“Akimbo_NOT, post:7, topic:84071, full:true”]

Looks like a Rule 34 shirt for men who like women with hairy boobs that smell like ass.


While driving that van, I would be flushed with embarrassment.


now everyone will be able to accuse him of sitting down on the job. guess he got caught with his pants down.



Well now he’s done it. He’s got to wear that same shirt every single day.


It worked for Steve Jobs.


That is fahking PERFECT!


Lots of contractors wear T’s printed with their business logo. I assume he’s one of them.


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