Door knockers shaped like giant testes


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I think I miss the banana posts. Hell, they look more like male genitalia than this thing does… :-0


The Amazon page for this item has the most amusing also viewed selection I’ve ever seen. I know it’s just data and algorithms, but the list looks to be curated by The Onion.

Until now, I was not aware of the existence of plastic bags made to simultaneously wear and shit in (lower right).


Can one of you internet wizards find me a penis shaped mezuzah?

Want to see if the chabad guys will kiss it.



Well, as long as it doesn’t look like one of those evil, lust-inspiring creatures called “women,” it might be ok…




That guy has an enormous capacity for pain, doesn’t he? He’s pleading, “Ring the bell! Don’t knock - please!”


Googling “Elephantiasis”… it’s not for the squeamish.


Brass ones. This big.


Gene Wilder said “what knockers” after which things did not go as expected.


Great for owners of Truck Nutz.


And if you don’t have a truck:


There is also that guy here in the US recently who had to wear a sweat shirt as pants until he finally got pro bono surgery. Not elephantiasis in his case, IIRC. But I just don’t want to Google it :open_mouth:


Pro bono? More like “pro bone” surgery, amirite?

(I’ll see myself out now.)


Truck Nutz seem like anatomically excellent works of art compared to this stupid door knocker. The door knocker exhibits the same understanding of the anatomy of balls that video game designers have for women’s breasts.


You mean real breasts don’t have their own gravitational field? Shit…


You should see the doorbell…



I’ve been told about an untreated diabetic with this issue. I don’t think that anyone found it either funny or sexy.

Wow, I’m a downer.