Dosing cancer patients with psilocybin


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For those with an interest in the subject, I strongly recommend “The Chemistry of Mind-Altering Drugs” by Perrine. It is a solid mix of, as the subtitle suggests, history, pharmacology and cultural context. Bonus in that it has real chemistry in it!

Also, Johns Hopkins is (or was )studying psilocybin and cancer patients as well.


Interesting stuff, thank you! And, thank you @maggiek for your post.

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Dr. Roland Griffiths at Johns Hopkins has been among the only doctors actively studying psychedelics for at least the last 20 years.

Scientists look anew at ‘magic’ mushroom
July 19, 2006

Hallucinogens Have Doctors Tuning In Again
April 11, 2010

How Psychedelic Drugs Can Help Patients Face Death
April 20, 2012


Glad to see more progress in this arena (science -yay!) This quote from the article nails the rationale (not that I need convincing --preaching to the choir in my case):

‘When people are diagnosed with cancer, their lives can become
constricted. They sometimes cope with terror and sadness by shutting
down – they start to die before they actually do die,’ said Guss. ‘But
with psychedelics, there is a flood of information, making people feel
less shut down and more awake and alive.

Tat tvam asi


So they know they’re receiving psilocybin, right?

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Bring it.


Of course, they volunteered for this study wiknowing the study invovled giving them psilocybin (or a placebo, if they’re in the control group)

For those with interest in the subject, I strongly recommend “getting some mushrooms and tripping with your friends.”

For those interested in getting some mushrooms and tripping with your friends: You can easily obtain everything you need to grow your own on the internet for less that $100. Not as a kit… just read the info out there and obtain the items individually. In 2 months time you’ll have mushrooms.

Ironically it’s harder to grow most food-shrooms.

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