Doubleclicks cover TROGDOR


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I own a Trogdor shirt.


How many sleeves does it have?

Two. Short ones. I don’t do sleeveless. I got nothing to show off.

but… but… Trogdor only has one arm…

What would he do with two sleeves?


I remember when they first started selling those shirts they neglected to include the “majesty” lines (an omission corrected for later editions).

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What are “Majesty lines”? I’ll have to see which one mine is. I think I actually have two shirts, as I ended up with my ex’s shirt as well.


Just checked mine. It has majesty lines. That shirt is so awesome that I’ve been high-fived because of it. My only problem with it is it’s not quite as long as I’d like.

The cello works well with the song I think, but the vocals didn’t seem hair metal enough.

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Thanks to Trogdor, I learned one of my first Chinese characters: 弟, meaning “little brother”.

I have the Trogdor t-shirt and messenger bag! Further exhibits include the side window of my car and the back of my ipad, respectively:

<img src="//" width="400 height=“300”>

I have tried to use “consummate v’s” as a shibboleth. Hasn’t worked well.


I’ll have to check Monday, but I think mine has the lines.

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