Doubleclicks cover TROGDOR




I own a Trogdor shirt.


How many sleeves does it have?


Two. Short ones. I don’t do sleeveless. I got nothing to show off.


but… but… Trogdor only has one arm…

What would he do with two sleeves?



I remember when they first started selling those shirts they neglected to include the “majesty” lines (an omission corrected for later editions).


What are “Majesty lines”? I’ll have to see which one mine is. I think I actually have two shirts, as I ended up with my ex’s shirt as well.



Just checked mine. It has majesty lines. That shirt is so awesome that I’ve been high-fived because of it. My only problem with it is it’s not quite as long as I’d like.

The cello works well with the song I think, but the vocals didn’t seem hair metal enough.


Thanks to Trogdor, I learned one of my first Chinese characters: 弟, meaning “little brother”.


I have the Trogdor t-shirt and messenger bag! Further exhibits include the side window of my car and the back of my ipad, respectively:

<img src="//" width="400 height=“300”>


I have tried to use “consummate v’s” as a shibboleth. Hasn’t worked well.


I’ll have to check Monday, but I think mine has the lines.


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