Nerdy shirts, skirts and dresses from Frockasaurus


Those are cute, but why isn’t she being sued into oblivion?


“I think some flame patterns on the sides will really accentuate the poor taste”.

-fashion advice from fashion dan.


Ugh. That is so 2012. Here’s his new spring look.


Men’s Star Trek Book shirt

Or more precisely - Star Trek Gold Key comic book covers, from the looks of them."Star+Trek"+"Gold+Key"+comic+book+covers&tbm=isch

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In all honesty I think this designer makes fantastic art. Who is it?

let me introduce you to a fantastic tool:

get the url of the photo:

open google images

click on the camera icon

and paste in the url of the photo.

That’s how I learned that the designer is Thom Browne. I have the sneaking suspicion that his “resort” collections pay the bills, while his rtw and menswear collections are a bit “WTF?”

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Some of those fabrics are licensed materials you can buy at Joann’s. The Star Trek prints, some of the Marvel prints, etc.




IMHO, the tolkien skirts are classier than the shirts.

Thanks for that link- interesting read. I had initially assumed that they were custom fabrics but given the above comments I guess not.

The shirts I think mostly look weird because several of them are an identical shirt template with the appropriate fabric photoshopped on top. Take a close look at the Star Trek shirt above. Notice how the pattern not only lines up exactly along the button-front, but also on the point of the collar which precisely matches the part of the shirt that’s below it. No one pattern-matches the collar point to the shirt below it.

I’m assuming this is because s/he’s custom-making the shirt to one’s measurements, rather than having a bunch of sample shirts already made up.

Hobbit Fabric
Tree of Gondor fabric
Legend of Zelda fabric

From her site:

"Frockasaurus is taking a short break. Sorry everyone, due to a sudden mass of orders I’ve had to temporarily close my shop again to catch up!Please visit my Facebook page… … to see what I usually have
for sale, do feel free to contact me with any questions, I will get back
to you as soon possible. Thank you to all my lovely customers - your orders will be out to you
within the quoted deadline, I should be open again mid September xxx "

Yeah I assumed anything I didn’t recognize from Joann’s was a Spoonflower or other custom fabric print site. The nice thing about Spoonflower is that you can get the prints in a variety of fabrics. The licensed Joann’s stuff is usually limited to a quilting cotton or fleece.

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