IBM's lost, glorious fabric design


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The real reason OS/2 failed… No well-designed fabrics.


Can anyone suggest a good artist who might be commissioned to design some Aloha fabric incorporating some images from vintage posters that I have? I know of places where I can have fabric made of an image, but I lack the talent to come up with something that looks right.


Yes, I have a friend who wins design competitions all the time on Spoonflower. message me for details.


Thank you for that link!

@doctorow, the metal-framed Big Suit is heavy. In more ways than one, I guess.


Presumably you would be listening to this while lounging in said pajamas:


It is, indeed, crying out to be made into a Stop Making Sense-era David Byrne style suit.


The word “glorious” is now completely used up.


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