Designer makes clothes out of German transit upholstery fabric, rides trains


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That’s where Angela Merkel gets them!


The solid bue outfit has a sort of generic sci-fi vibe, while the beige/brown feels more dystopian/Orwellian.


Berlin-based BVG already offers their own line of clothes with the famous and ugly seat print patterns:



shares article with German fiancee :innocent:


I like “matchy matchy” stuff.


But if you get on the wrong bus, you just look like you shop at JC Penny.


Seen in Lisbon:


Nope. Most of the busy patterns are designed to dissuade passenger from vandalism i.e. writing or “tagging”.


Stanley Marsh 3 redux!


“Oh, sorry I sat down on you, ma’am, I didn’t see you there.”


This is how Ninja pick out their wardrobe for the day.






Can you find the phone?


I am going to avoid making any stereotypical German remarks about the reactions of fellow travellers, because it would be crass to suggest that they were thinking “It is not forbidden - so - is it compulsory?”

(I recall, in 1991, a German colleague marching into an empty road in Munich when the green man was NOT flashing, and saying to the people on the pavement “The wall has fallen! Stop being sheep!”. Nobody followed him.)


Proof that literally everything is cosplay:

(They actually got sued by the Marriott’s carpet designer for having fabric printed with the design.)