Dow plunges 600 points, worst day for stocks in 2 years


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But, but the GOP tax plan will save us right?


Trump will blame Democrat infiltration of the Fed Reserve.


Wall Street numbers FAKE NEWS!!! Traders are LOSERS, when I was there this never would have happened! DEMOCRATS need to explain this OBAMA crash!!!1


‘us’ = 1 percenters


Just like the black unemployment numbers he just boasted about. Now that it spiked a bit, I can imagine trump saying “upon further research, the current state of black unemployment is still affected by the previous administration’s policies”.


Par for the course for anything that happens to explode out Trump’s rear end and goes splat! on twitter.


I can’t. There aren’t enough ALL CAPS words and the tone is not frothing-at-the-mouth enough.

“WHO’S responsible for the TERRIBLE unemployment rate of the blacks? Why is the Labor department still covering for Dirty OBama and Crooked Hillary???”


"The fed is part of (((The Deepstate))). A Fox talking head starting tomorrow.


There has never been a better time to pay down debt and live as frugally as possible. I suspect further corrections are coming.


The flip side of interest rates is of course better returns on bonds and savings accounts, etc.


No, it’s totally FAKE NEWS!
Dow still continues to rise!


Exactly! President Trump is good for business! Even the liberal media says so!


I came in here from some “late stage capitalism” and didn’t expect I’d have to serve it up!


So when things get better for the poors, the stock market takes a big hit?



I think it’s probably a mistake to assign reasons to the erratic movement of the stock market. It has been strong the whole time Trump has been in office.

Anyway, I came here to ask if rising interest rates might lead to increased credit card rewards? My goal is 5% unlimited cashback. How possible is that?


I agree. This is what concerns me about hyperfocus on stock market numbers. I supported Bernie, and fully expect that if he were able to pass any clean legislation the market would recoil in terror…in a good way. At least in the short term. I hope America finds better ways to talk about the health of our society.


Higher wages for the proles means reduced profits for the Job Creators; won’t somebody think of the children?



  • Fuck the poors
  • Fuck the stock market

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Is it time to eat the rich, yet? I’ve been keeping my knives sharp.