The Dow is on track for its worst weekly slide since the 2008 financial crisis

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I know I’m going to get some haters possibly but, If there’s any time for a crash/recession, it’s during Trumps term. Crash baby crash!


Yeah, watching our 401k’s dry up and business losses pile on, that’s no good reason celebrate.

The silver lining here is that the markets are not buying trump’s bullshit.


If it means Trumps re-election chances drop to 0? I mean this guy is literally destroying our country. If a crash/recession happens and it means we get Bernie Sanders or any of the other democrats? Fixing the systemic problems in our government would be worth it (in my opinion) for the price of another 2008. I have a cousin who will be in debt for the rest of his life for the crime of going to college. I have a friend on FB who is literally begging for money on FB for a procedure that could save his life or could kill him for the reason of not having enough money. There’s a also a chance that the procedure itself could kill him. This is the epitome of dystopia.


3 yrs of grifting:

If it gets back to 2016 or early 17 levels then he might tank like the evil witch of Oz under a pail of water.



The market is so larked up that investment companies have begun selling “fractional shares” of stocks because some share prices are moving $1000.00 for a single share.

To me this further bifurcates the market between the rich and poor.

Valuation is larked up due to stock buy backs, bailouts, and companies refusing to split stocks.


There’s a lot of economic harm happening already with the coronavirus (on top of the physical harm to people). That always hits the most vulnerable first and hardest. A recession on the order of 2008? That will kill more people in the US than coronavirus.


How many people have died during the Trump Administration because of…

gun violence

domestic terrorism

not being able to afford their medication

not being able to afford medical treatments

and I could add more.

I’ve lost track of the mass shootings because its just so damn common nowadays. I’ve also lost track of how many have died either because of addiction from prescription medications (i.e. opioids) or not being able to afford them (i.e. insulin).


Absolutely. But none of those things are unique to Trump, even if they are on the rise.

Hoping for a pandemic combined with a recession, to get rid of Trump? That’s not cool.

When it comes down to it, we the people, and whoever ends up challenging Trump, need to beat him on the merits (which are plentiful) rather than an accident of timing of bad shit.

I think more progressive candidates are best suited both to beat him, and to get the country back on the right track. We will need a huge effort to fix the damage from the Trump administration. It can’t be mishandled like Reconstruction was, with too much compromise going on with the people who caused the damage in the first place. I fear that is what we will get with any of the moderates in the race.


Only real question is how low will it go. The news out of California is not helping!


It’s like a one percenter warning flag.


I live in the sticks and there are some here that would vote for Adolf Hitler if he declared himself pro-life. I wouldn’t downplay a blessing in disguise. If these events are going to happen anyway, what better time than during Trump? If there’s ever a chance at something to break this cult like trance, it’s a financial crisis. We’ve seen how successful democrats and even Pete Buttigieg has been in saying things like: “This guy thinks you’re a sucker and they’re laughing all the way to the bank”.


Don’t leave out anti-LGBT. That is the recipe for most evangelicals.


And I’m saying it’s not worth the human cost, when defeating Trump can be done on its own merits.


That’s a big “if.” It’s not like his supporters have been basing their choices on objective reality.


Or investing in the stock market. His “base” supporters that is.





Goodbye, Mr. President. It was swell.

Precisely. It will recover. Our 401’s will be fine. They weathered 2009 and they will recover from this, too. But now he cannot rationally gloat that the markets are singing his praises. THAT is a HUGE victory for truth. I hope tomorrow the bottom absolutely drops out. Fuck Trump and the dumbasses who put him there.


Also here’s Bill Maher’s take: