DOWN: Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, Google services globally reported unavailable

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Thankfully it wasn’t down for much longer than an hour to 45 minutes.

Edit: Also, as widely discovered, things like Youtube browsing worked fine if you went into Incognito mode. So the outage had to have been specific to something in their account service.


it must have come back up while I was in the shower.

I still don’t have everything back yet. Personal account up, GSuite account not.

Snow Day!! \o/

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Sorry, wasn’t me.


Think we could slip someone a ten-spot to keep my company’s Google services down all week till I start vacation?

Asking for a… myself. I’m asking for myself.


“Don’t be evil” tried a brief comeback, but was 86’ed

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Speakina which:


When I woke up to reports of Google’s outage, I have to admit I felt a sudden pang of panic. My kid’s school uses Google Classroom. While the Zoom link could probably be found in her browser history, how many households would be able to figure that one out?


So, this seems to be Mac specific. Does the same apply to PC?


It is deeply worrying that so much of the world just shuts down when this ONE company has a technical glitch.


I noticed it when I tried to get into Google Groups. At first I figured that maybe Google had simply killed it off, like they did with the old RSS reader. Then I noticed Gmail wasn’t working either. Maybe it was because I was using my work laptop? But I was gtting a 500 internal error and that shouldn’t have anything to do with it (not impossible, but I figured unlikely). Then I found this dashboard and the whole thing was red (even though some of these things still worked, for me).

On a somewhat related note, the work-related email was migrated from its own infrastructure to, and for the third Monday in a row, the whole thing is moving at a crawl. I came up with this little ditty, based on The Bangles’ hit from almost 35 (?!) years ago:

It’s just another Microsoft Monday (whoa-oh)
The email doesn’t run-day (whoa-oh)
Maybe it’ll work again one-day (whoa-oh)
The cloud’s a turd on a bun-day (whoa-oh)
It’s just another Microsoft Monday

I see what you did there


It all at once blew my mind and also didn’t surprise me at all when I learned that Prince wrote this tune. Think about the bridge in his voice and it makes so much sense.


No. This attack was against SolarWinds, a Texas tech company known for network management software for small to medium datacenters. Google does not use anything SolarWinds makes, as SWI’s product line is a bunch of antique toys compared to what Google has built in-house.

Also, the attacks happened in March and June. They were only just discovered, and it is expected that the GRU has had access to compromised systems for upwards of six months.

Full disclosure: I used to work for SolarWinds. That experience did not leave me with a good opinion of the company.


World+dog share in collective panic attack as Google slides off the face of the internet


It’s almost a warning about, maybe, not relying on one massive corporation for all our digital needs? :thinking:

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For 20mn, the entire world lived with Chinese internet. (But FB was not impacted, so it was a light version of what is going on there since 2006…)

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