Look at all the dead projects in this Google Graveyard

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Feedly is a decent replacement for reader. I think it imported everything from reader iniitally.


Feedly was my go-to replacement. Now I’m using Inoreader, which is better in every way.

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I miss the google portfolio stock thing. It was dead long before they killed it though. A lot of the stuff I didn’t even notice b/c it’s been subsumed/integrated into other products. The news and weather stuff? it’s still here on my phone.

How much is a lifetime subscription?


I miss picasa too. I never used google wave but it looked cool/useful. Google gears looks like it could’ve been interesting. I’m forever looking for ways to write serverless web apps(well the html/js/css would be served up but what once cached on the local wouldn’t be needed anymore) that allow the users to store their data in their own google drive/dropbox/personal storage whatever.


@frauenfelder I love hanging out.

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I’ll have to scope it out.

I was reviewing my Google+ account to see what might get archived and one entry was a rant about the loss of Google Reader and wondering what other products Google was going to pull.

I miss iGoogle. They’re also doing away with the Google Tasks Canvas (for which it appears GTaskD will be a replacement, though that doesn’t solve the problem that Google never released a good standalone Android app for Tasks.


I miss installable software…

It was nice that even if the company stopped working on a project, you could still keep the last version around if it was useful. Now features and whole products can just vanish.

I was wondering why my bookmarks had stopped syncing recently, only to discover the service had shut down, :tada:SURPRISE :confetti_ball:!


So Google pre-announced their new gaming “platform” yesterday…yeah, I’ll believe when I see it.


So many projects and still no viable Tumblr alternative…

(Sorry Google+, you pissed the bed with your “real name only” policy)

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Well, at least they’re killing their own projects instead of buying up everyone else’s tech and quietly killing it off.


I used to be so excited when I heard of a new google project. It’s now my policy to eye roll and move on.


Ooooh…I gotta try that. But really, I don’t use feedly for much more than boingboing these days.

I’m still sad about Google Wave. When they rolled it out, we started using it heavily in my office for collaboration. It was killed and it took quite a few years before Google Docs was of the same quality.

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This isn’t even a complete list, either. I recollect some game-related ventures Google got into (the names escape me), that I can’t find on the list. Which is why I’m so skeptical of “Stadia” and think any game company investing anything in it is foolish.

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Google developers are like that dog on Pixar’s “Up” movie… at the point where some program is getting traction… “Squirrel!!”

I will miss Google+, if for nothing else than the thriving Prince bootleg forums. You could have real private conversations there (well, as private as anything Google would host). Discord is not bad, but Google+ was better.

Google is more dead than alive, when you think about it. And that’s effing scary as hell!