RIP, Google+: long ailing and finished off by a security bug

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This is a shame. I found their groups organization to be a lot easier and intuitive early on, and used it for years. I’ve tapered off gradually, but it’s still a big blow to a few of the writer’s and RPG groups I still check in on.

Not looking forward to the farewell posts from friends who I won’t see on Facebook or Twitter.


What exactly is Google+ anyway? How will I tell that Google+, something that I have but I don’t think I use, no longer exists?

BTW, The Ever-Tightening Noose is currently in the lead for best band name ever.

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this is terrible news. cue the line of people making “did anyone ever use G+?” jokes, but i’m part of several active groups there, and it’s great. not sure what we’re all going to do now, but this sucks.


That’s really unfortunate… Google+ is the best social network I know… The only problem with Google+ is that everyone already uses Facebook…

In 10 months I will be left with no social media because Google+ is the only social network I’ve been using… I will have nowhere to go… I’ve deleted my Facebook account long time ago…


Ugh, so tired of the ever-growing “Google Graveyard” and their inability to keep products/services. And this hot on the heels of the Google Maps fiasco. I just don’t feel confident investing my data, development or attention on Google products any more. Time to diversify.


There were two things I liked about Google+:

  1. I’m already massively spied upon by Google. Might as well limit my exposure.
  2. It’s not Facebook.

Oh, well. Bummer.


Aren’t there a hundred Facebook clones and specialized forums?

Google Plus was a BOON to tabletop gamers. When Hangouts was still a part of it, it was super easy to organize an online (video chat) game. They took that away, but it was still super useful for organizing communities and creating game events. All of ours were in meatspace and it was a great way to handle things like that.

I also loved that I could organize my posts into Collections (since I’m interested in a lot of different things). And I appreciated that I could unfollow certain collections from others, even though I might still want to follow them.

It’s a great place for content creators and for hanging out online–and was never the dumpster flambe’ that Facebook has become.


From the linked article:

90 percent of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds.

In other words, 90% of the people who log into Google Plus got there by mistake and they leave as soon as they realize they’ve landed on the wrong page.


I’ll miss it. There are friends of mine that refuse to use Facebook, and they’re on G+.

I remember when it first started. It got a LOT of buzz, but Google failed to capitalize on it by letting people join up on their own. Instead, you have to have an invite from someone that was already there. It killed the momentum at a critical time.

I also remember when they tried to force people with YouTube accounts to have a G+ account. That didn’t go over well.

People on G+ are mentioning as an alternative. Seems to be a Diaspora implementation.


When Google+ first came out, I started to set up a page (or whatever they call it), realized I wasn’t actually sure why I was doing it and stopped, subsequently totally ignoring it. I actually forgot it existed until recently. Although my lack of use for a social network in general played the large part, I also never trusted that it would be around. Google had nuked a bunch of services that they had set up (and I was using), so I figured it wouldn’t be long before they got tired of it and gave up. It lasted a lot longer than I thought it would - just long enough for people to start really depending on it, I guess.

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I liked Usenet too.


Your cool, but getting warmer. Try “thousands”.

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G+ was great for keeping up with tabletop RPG information. For some reason a majority of the designers of games that I am interested in use G+.

After cutting off Facebook years ago and Twitter earlier this year, G+ was the only social network that I was still using in any capacity. And even though I was only using it to track RPG news and inf, I’m going to miss it.


Long live Google Buzz!!

Is this the same Google that loudly shouts about other companies not fixing bugs quickly enough.


Am I the only one here that still uses Facebook. My friends and family are all on there and I’m OK with the spying. I mean, seriously. Am I supposed to snail mail pictures of my kid to my friends when I’m at someplace I want to share? I don’t get it.

I still have a Google+ account but seriously…why?

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Can we get Google News back then?


Back in my day, it was under a dozen, sonny!

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