Google+ accounts and pages will be shut down April 2nd, says Google

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As early as February 4th, you will no longer be able to create new Google+ profiles, pages, communities or events.

Better hurry!

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It will be deeply missed.


Aww, too bad. That’s how I sent pictures to family. It was gloriously empty of anything else.

It turns out that the social network that nobody uses is actually the best one.


I was going to say… Why not March 31st? April 2nd just sounds dumb.

“People will think it’s a joke if we say April 1st! Better make it the 2nd.”


Lazarus/Free Pascal has a library of 77 interfaces to Google APIs. I wonder how many of them are now useless due to the service being killed?


Has Google done anything that wasn’t a joke on April 1 since they announced Gmail? If I recall correctly they had to announce Gmail wasn’t a joke the next day because 1 GB of storage for a free email account was that revolutionary. I mean, at the time I went to a large university… 20k students-ish at the time, that had 2 GB of storage on their email server for the entire campus, allegedly.

EDITED to add: I mean, my mom, who didn’t have internet at home, used to have to drive to the office to empty out her hotmail account’s spam box or emails would be bouncing by Monday morning. The dark ages. shudders


I’m predicting a slightly tasteless Google AFD joke relating to G+ somehow.

It isn’t dead already?

Probably to do with the fiscal year which starts April 1st.

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If I can use “+” in my search queries again, I aint even mad


Just what is Google+?
What have I been missing all along?
I’m always a day late , etc…

It was (still is for a few more weeks) an odd mix of facebook + longform twitter with pretty nifty and easy filtering controls for who can see what you post. I liked it but it never went anywhere.


I thought it had already been shut down.

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I would suggest going back to MySpace, but for some reason the profiles and other pages scroll sideways and it’s annoying as all hell.

Thanks for clarifying…
I don’t use Facebook or Twitter
If it wasn’t for using a manual typewriter
in my former career,
I probably wouldn’t even be here,
to post…and I still don’t know how to
EDIT a post!
Is it because I’m using my smartphone
and don’t have/see the option?
It is it just that I’m Tech-Dum…

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Tumblr refugee here.
Are there any other platforms to post images and text that are free and doesn’t limit character count/image size?

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So Google+, then Hangouts, no need for Photos once you can’t use them to post anyplace. If their goal was to hemorrhage customers, they’re going to succeed.

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It could’ve been good, but then they got so heavy-handed about integrating it with all Google services like YouTube that nobody trusted them anymore. If memory serves, not using your real name on Google+ or Youtube for a time could result in getting your Gmail account shut down.

They really pissed away a pretty decent chance at social media dominance.