Google+ accounts and pages will be shut down April 2nd, says Google

Switch from …?



From what I read online I got the impression that that power was predominantly, if not exclusively, used against members of subaltern groups. Trans folk who’d changed their name, PoC with “unusual” names, the same folks who get it in the neck for no good reason all the time.


It had promise, but never any kind of momentum. Thought it shut down ages ago actually.

I gotta start a collection now, or never. My

I’m very concerned about the impermanence of our digital content. Google does this all the time, the most recent was their mandatory switch to the “New” Google News.

Think about all the content that was shared on G+ (me included), that will vanish online and be relegated to the wayback machine, where it will crumble away.

I see this too with social media content. I’m a researcher, and I’ve seen huge holes appear in my work from accounts and content that is deleted or moved. Very troublesome. :hot_face:


Future archaeologists will find only despair when it comes time to excavate the Information Age.

So they let it run one day into the new fiscal year? That still sounds odd.

I don’t often post from my phone, but the option should still be there. It looks like a pencil icon, and should be close to the bottom of your post.

To be fair I use Hangouts to IM my wife (who is all iOS) from my wifi only tablet, same with my parents.

Does Google make a texting app that can do both SMS and IM? It’s about the only thingbI like about iOS.

It already deeply missed being a successful social media platform.

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I tried to use Google+ once but never figured out how it was useful.
perhaps it is better if google put down their attention elsewhere.

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I use it for pretty much the same thing with wife and a couple of friends, what ever computer I’m on just has a browser open
with a tab for G+ and another for Hangouts. Not sure what we’re going to switch to, there aren’t many multiplatform tools that
are as simple as Hangouts for simple chats.

That’s why I’m part of the Cuneiform Revival Movement, which I just invented (and then of course discovered via Google that someone else already had (or at least tried to).

Clay tablets. Properly baked, they can last potentially millions of years. Forget electrons, forget paper - clay is the future!


How do you control access to your circles of tablets?

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I see a trashcan.
Well, forces me to try to get it right
the first time!

The old fashioned way of course, with spears and slings, and maybe a bronze sword or two.

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You would be amazed at my lack of power.

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