If you use RSS, give Feedly a try



Feedly did’nt really gell well with me. I wound up using https://www.commafeed.com after google reader shut down, theres a nice plugin for news+ on android for it, and I’m a happy camper now.

Same here, but I ended up with The Old Reader… I have a handful of my old google news sharebros/gals on there and a growing roster of new ones.


I’ve been using TT-RSS. I had it running on an Amazon cloud server for a while – I had a free trial – but I’m using it through another provider now.


I’ve found Newsblur to be better than Google Reader ever was


Feedly is great. It looks just like Google Reader if you use the “white” theme.

One major complaint. Some time ago, CL searches stopped updating a long time ago and Feedly essentially has ignored it ever since. Craigslist blames Feedly, Feedly initially blames CL. No one fesses. No answers.

The Old Reader works for CL somehow, so I don’t know what the deal is and Feedly has not commented… in over a year I believe, at this point.

Anyone know anything about this? It’s weird!


didn’t like feedly. much prefer newsblur.


totally agree.

Another Newsblur-er here. Feedly didn’t work for me.


I read this on Feedly and posted this comment on Feedly. I like it.


Used Feedly when it was a Firefox add-on. Still use it now. It’s nice, customizable, and everything’s readable, although there’s something nostalgic about scrolling through posts.

Might take on @seanodonnell’s suggestion.

I posted a screenshot of what Boing Boing looks like on Feedly. It’s very easy to skim through the excerpts and find items of interest.

And of course you can set it up to display in different ways, for different categories: some I have display thumbnails, some I don’t, and I generally prefer a straight list. I also use the Android app.

RSS is such a great way to consume online content that I understand why Facebook, etc. want to kill it.


I currently use NewsBlur syncing inside of Reeder. I used Feedly for a bit but was turned off back in 2013 when someone realized they were highjacking links and the CEO seemed pretty oblivious.


I use feedly and boy was I confused there for a minute, seeing a recursive feedly boing boing feed.


I mostly like Feedly. I really, really like having RSS. Also, I think their UI is one of the best on Android. Simple and clean.

Look at all these choices that didn’t exist before Reader bit the dust. Pretty cool.

For me it’s Feedly on the desktop and Feedly/News+ on my Android. The vast majority of my online activity is driven by Feedly.


I cast about when Google pulled the plug on their RSS aggregator as well and Feedly was where I settled. With just a little tweaking it’s as good or better than Reader was. And the mobile client works very well on Android. (Also, there is an unoffical Windows Phone client that works very well.)

There’s also the entertainment factor of reading the support forum and watching the developer insult people who didn’t read the documentation.


Didn’t like Feedly. I’ve been using Tiny Tiny RSS running in a virtual machine on my main machine at home since Reader closed down. Pretty easy to install and get running. Haven’t had any trouble with the upgrades and the few times I’ve used the Android app have bee acceptable.

TT-RSS didn’t run fast enough on my first Raspberry Pi board, but the new B model runs it pretty well. Well enough to run it until I messed up the micro-SD card. Too many reads and writes because of the database?

I may switch to the Pi again if I have some free time, but I’m going to use a real hard disk this time.

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Yeah, he’s not from the warm and welcoming end of the FOSS community. It’s not that difficult to set up, though, fortunately, if you’ve got some basic knowledge of Linux.

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