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4 Likes is a similar tool that allows you to choose your own sources. As long as the source site has a valid RSS feed it will work. It hasn’t been updated in years but it still works great.


Inoreader is, imho, the best RSS reader, hands down. You can have as much or as little formatting cruft as you like. 3-panel review is my favorite mode because I can scan headlines very quickly, click on ones that have some interest, and review (usually) some of the preview content in the reader.

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I use Feedly and mostly like it. They send me surveys occasionally asking me to rate potential features and I always tell them the same thing: the product is done. Stop changing it and slip into maintenance mode. Fix bugs as they come up, but other than that, quit messing with it.

I guess they can’t do that though, so now they are asking me to rank team sharing features. The last thing I want is for them to make it easier for things to be shared with me.

Last week Evernote asked me almost exactly the same thing and I responded by saying that I love Evernote for the core product - an online brain. That’s all I want from it. They want it to become Slack or something. I told them I would have an easier time suggesting three features they should remove than three that should be added.


Yea I like the free Feedly version. On the other hand I gave up on Evernote for the simpler non-cloud version of Swiftnotes.

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Swiftnotes was nice and it’s a shame that the developer abandoned the project. Do you know if anybody has picked up the pieces to carry on?

I’m a huge fan of the core Evernote product. For me, the big aha moment was during a week of meetings, I was saving whiteboard snapshots into Evernote and it recognized and indexed the handwriting on the board.

I stuff a lot of documents into Evernote with no tagging or organizing of any kind. I rely 100% on search and it just works. If Evernote goes away, I’m kinda screwed.

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Thanks for the tip, and welcome to the BBS portion of Boing Boing.

Check out Dave Winer’s “River of News” concept. I love the concept, haven’t tried implementing it for myself, it would be good for a phone too.

My retinas go haywire over white-on-black text, brrr.

Feedly here too. Ever since Google Reader shut down.

The News+ reader for Android has been my mainstay news app despite it being essentially abandoned. And while that means a few bugs and annoyances don’t get addressed it also means it’s not getting stuffed with useless features and redesigned to look more like a magazine.

Seconded. I pay them for the “premium” version just because I use their site all day every day, not that I need the 10,000 feeds that enables.

I’m lucky I’m so old that if RSS died, I could still go back to books.

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