Down with April Fools' Day




Can you please sack John Oliver so he can come back and present Top Gear? It’s his patriotic duty.


[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:54560”]
I propose we turn April 1 into “April Friendly Day,” and delight friends and strangers with wonderful things.[/quote]

I’ve always preferred more surreal humor that isn’t intended to make anyone look foolish, and also always thought of myself as the fool (drawing inspiration from George Carlin’s Occupation: Foole).

So I could definitely get on board with this if handing out pictures of goldfish to random people is considered a wonderful thing.



For me, 1 April is officially “Get Off The Internet And Go Outside Day.”

Pranks among friends can be fun. The day when everyone pretends they are an Onion writer sucks.


I have only one thing to say to that:

“pull my finger.”


I think it’s the day where we find out that hardly anyone can come up with a joke as good as the spaghetti tree or the island of San Serriffe.


I’d prefer the JC and the rest of the Top Gear trinity move to HBO.


Betcha John Oliver was just trolling.


this is a brilliant idea Mark. – do something NICE day… yes!


But if I’m too nice, people will accuse me of playing some kind of prank.


I’d write up an in-depth, cogent response, but I’m too busy filling all the salt-shakers in the cafeteria with sugar, and vice-versa.



I would adore it if the onion, on April 1, would publish an in depth investigative story on financial market manipulation.

But I generally agree, few of us are actually funny, so we should really just try to be genuine :slight_smile:


How about we make it “April Fact Check Day” instead, and let it remind us that we should be more discerning about what we read on the Internet on the other 364 days of the year too?


I remember twice unwittingly giving fictional information as fact during class presentations somewhere between 6th and 10th grades because Discover magazine thought it hilarious to publish joke stories in April and I simply didn’t have the time, education, or resources (in that pre-internet era) to parse fact from fiction.

Ironically, I don’t even think anyone in my classes was the wiser. But finding out that I’d been the dupe used to dupe others did not endear the writer and editor to me.


Seems it’s a fairly old and widespread tradition.


that’s too much work! why not just loosen the tops?


Kids these days, no appreciation for craft.


I fully plan to continue the French custom of Poisson d’avril. Four and a half centuries of tradition is something to be proud of.


I’m so glad I live in a place where this day passes completely unnoticed.