Downhill skate champ zooms down Colorado slope at 70mph

That looks way steeper from above than looking back. Fisheye effect from the gopro?

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i look forward the the inevitable crowdfunding campaign to help cover his medical bills after he paralyzes himself doing something like this. because when you take stupid risks, other people should foot your bills.

I wondered this too… Some badass filming skills going on.

I was going to pose the same question…

My guess is a motorized bike of some kind, whatever terminology you want to give it.

I’m thinking a car or similar four-wheeled vehicle, due to the lack of roll in the turns. Also, a good getaway vehicle if needed, because of it’s anonymity and the ability to duck down below window height to avoid being seen if followed by law enforcement?

Yeah, some bike leathers would have been a better choice for sure.

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