Dozens of news orgs demand DOJ release its secret rules for targeting journalists with secret National Security Letters

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We could tell you, but then we’d have to send you a national security letter.

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Hurrah for fighting back!

America’s “anti terror” apparatus is really starting to resemble absolute power, and we know nothing bad can happen there

Why can’t one or more of these letters mysteriously turn up in wikileak’s hands? The Feds might know what organization it came from, but who could they charge with a crime for violating their (unconstitutional) order if everyone in the news organization had access, or even if “hackers” stole the document from a server?

And what the hell is a news orc? Oh, my bad…

Progress! Before NSLs it would have been “but then we’d have to kill you”.

They’d probably take it out on the organization itself, not any particular person.

Coming up next: the existence of “National Security Letters” retroactively becomes top secret. No-one can sue to know the rules for using them because there’s no way to prove they exist.

Oh wait, that’s actually how NSLs were at first…

Feel safe yet, suckers?

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