We're suing the Justice Department over FBI’s secret rules for using National Security Letters on journalists

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Explain how this belongs on BB! /s

Seriously though, NSLs are a very nasty piece of legal work, and they need fighting in a federal legal forum where one win can make a big difference. This is good work.


More than being fought in court, NSLs need to simply be ignored. Publicize them, each and every one, everyone who gets one, in unified civil disobedience.


Wasn’t the FBI already sued over this? Did I dream that? And they lost, and they simply ignored the judgement?


Time to make another donation to these folks…


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At the very least, noone can comply with laws when they can’t know what they are.

Secret laws are bullshit! Secret courts are bullshit! Secret interpretations of secret laws in secret courts are the biggest bullshit of all!!!

I think that sword on the statue of Justice hasn’t been used enough lately. Time to dust it off and use it for what it means- justice is blind for a reason. That doesn’t mean it’s interpretations should be mute.

Sue these fuckers into oblivion until they follow the rule of public law. Someone should have done this a long, long time ago.

My country is run by hippocritical meglomanical assholes little different from the German Stasi. It’s high fucking time that came to an end.


it’s easy for me to say because i don’t have to bear the consequences, but YES, this has to be done.

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