Dr. Deborah Birx: “To be cavalier about getting repetitive COVID infections is really a huge mistake”

Originally published at: Don't be cavalier about getting Covid over and over again


I wasn’t aware of the mitochondrial link. Yikes.


Now she takes that evidence into account. People were screaming for months about the provably aerosol nature of spread.

Damn, but some of the conferences she held really contributed to a lack of real response.


The president had a big press conference in April or May of 2020 promising that you’d be able to drive up to a Walgreens, CVS or Target to get tested. The CEOs of those companies were standing with him and seemed a little surprised at this promise. Of course, he never did deliver on that promise.


Cuomo was ousted from CNN, but here is is on NewsNation. This is kinda new to me, I learned from Wiki university that it was WGN previously, but now it’s like another political talking head channel. But does it lean in one direction or another? I didn’t dig deep, but usually such channels do tilt.

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Thanks for that, and for accommodating my laziness today. This was telling in that piece you linked to:

NewsNation is a both-sides news organization only in that its coverage is aimed at both Never Trumpers and Maybe Trumpers

But back to the topic of the original post, I have coworkers who are very nonchalant about getting covid more than once. And I have other coworkers who just got it for the first time in December, who are maybe showing initial signs of being on the long covid train. I’m not talking to them about it yet, but I do worry for them.


“the number one thing” that went wrong was that folks in leadership “weren’t willing to really understand that COVID was a very different virus than flu.”

SHE WAS IN LEADERSHIP … but she was willing to cave to Trump instead of listening to virologists and epidemiologists. She sat there while he spouted nonsense.


“It’s just a bad cold,” my sister-in-law told me when I told her this past summer that my wife and I are still cautious, still do curbside pickup, and still wear masks out in public. “You can’t live your life in fear.” She and my brother are both school teachers so they can’t avoid it the way we can. But I understand that maybe her position is wishful, magical thinking.

We are the only people that they know who haven’t been sick with it. Meanwhile, another person in my orbit has died from covid induced pneumonia just a couple of days ago.


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