Long COVID "extremely widespread" and "one of the biggest global health pandemics"

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Can testify. I retain hope that this beast will lead to more research on, and less stigmatization of, long postviral syndromes in general. While fatigue is the most common symptom, it can do a lot of very weird things, including disturbances of heart rhythm, renal function and lots of neurological and neuroendocrine disruptions. I personally have a very weird one, since I had covid I have no sense of hunger. Taste is fine, I enjoy eating, but I have no cue that I am hungry. Not the worst thing that can happen to someone who really needed to lose some weight. So far down 30# with no effort, but so frikken weird. Yeah, it’s a bizarre thing and I suspect will launch a lot of careers in medical research and a whole new field of patient care. But unquestionably weird.


I’ve also read some indications that previous Covid infections have been tied to an increased risk of stroke. Has anyone seen any useful research on that?


I know why I never stopped using masks.


Really? Not even if you haven’t eaten all day?

Does your body do other things? Like especially on weekends, I can go all day with out eating until like 6pm-ish or so when I start to feel “off” and remember, “Oh yes, you have to eat.”

You would think this would help me lose weight, but so far no. Part of it is my GF’s love language is super tasty snacks. But the other part is that when I do finally eat, I over compensate and eat a normal day’s amount of calories.


So, in short, yes. Lots of data out there on this. It’s possible that it contributed to my wife’s MI. It happened about 3 months after we had it, but the genetics on her side are so bad it probably was only a minor player.


Nope. My wife has become pretty alert to making sure I eat something, and that I start getting grumpy, but not hungry, if I haven’t eaten in a long time. :man_shrugging:


OMG - just like the Snickers commercials!

Well good luck with it. I am fascinated if there are others with that symptom and they figure out what causes it.


Before I got a continuous monitor, my partners could sometimes tell when my blood sugar was dropping because I would start to get crabby. One of the ironic parts about low blood sugar is how you start resisting the very reasonable suggestions to eat something, often insisting “I’m fine! I just need to finish this activity …” (the one that’s causing your blood sugar to drop!)


This is what scares me.

With the exception of a serious serious heart attack, stroke, and some unstable angina I can’t predict, we have kept all the plaque in my body under control.

Everything I’ve read and, more importantly, talked with my doctor about, this particular virus could irritate that plaque and then stroke or heart attack.

I’m so close to the retirement finish line I’m not taking unnecessary chances of being dead or too sick to not enjoy my final decade or two.

Not hiding under the bed but certainly not opening the door when danger knocks.

Long covid is not on my bucket list.


Thanks much for the links. My wife had a stroke within a year after having Covid, but of course there are other factors involved…age, previous history of smoking, genetics…that could be significant as well. Since then I have 2 other people in my close acquaintance who have had strokes within a year of Covid. Anecdotal evidence to be sure, but concerning.


Apropos of nothing but one day at work I posted, “Hey, I ate a Snickers and turned into Richard Lewis.” My spouse replied, “Don’t come home until you’ve changed back.”

Thank you for reminding me of that.


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I think Jennifer Sandlin (the BB author) is referring to Chris Cuomo’s podcast which is on NewsNation, and can be accessed on YouTube.

It looks like this is the installment with Dr. Purvi Parikh:

N.B. I’m not pushing this or recommending anything—I just like to figure out how to find things on the internet :slight_smile:

That said, commenters on Jennifer Sandlin’s previous post here about it have been saying that NewsNation is just another right-wing cable network. But I’m thinking that even if it is—or rather, perhaps because it is—maybe Chris Cuomo will be able to reach some of the people who still doubt that Covid-19 is serious or even real :woman_shrugging:t2:


i’m cool with that!


Keep that up. The latest word is that variant JN.1 is projected to rival the worst of 2022. New variants continue to find ways to subvert all protections.


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