Journalist Chris Cuomo opens up about his struggle with long COVID

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Sounds like worthwhile content.

I remember him getting it really early during the pandemic and reporting from his basement while sick. I don’t imagine he was vaxxed already back then.

I hope that being vaccinated really does make not only a covid case less severe, but also long covid less likely. :crossed_fingers:


Yeah, he got COVID early in 2020, so the vaccine was almost a year away, I think? I’ve had COVID twice now, both after being vaccinated and boosted. The first time I still got pretty sick, but I was eligible to get Paxlovid, and that knocked it out pretty fast. The second time was very mild, and I still was given Paxlovid, and I was over it in like 3 days. I hope the combination of vaccines and anti-virals like Paxlovid make long COVID a thing of the past, although we still need to figure out how to help those who are dealing with it now.


Yeah for those who do them, and get boosted. A lot of people don’t, in the west anyway, since societies have generally decided to pretend that the pandemic is over and covid is just another flu, or cold. :weary:


I hadn’t heard of News Nation before but they seem to be fair and balanced.

Now that Americans are used to seeing people with masks I’ll be wearing then when I’m in an enclosed public place (grocery stores, shopping, and there like) for the rest off my life. Who wants to get a regular cold/flu anyways, let alone COVID?

I’ll do whatever I can to stack the odds in my favor so as not catch a disease!


In 2021, the then named WGN America (originally WGN and then WGN Superstation) decided to switch to a 24/7 news format, and rebranded as NewsNation.

ETA: They are very much following the “both sides” approach of CNN to being fair and balanced, though. Their paid contributors include people like Mick Mulvaney and Sean Spicer. So make of that what you will.


As long as there are no claims of editorial interference I’m happy that newsrooms are getting funding. :+1:


Thanks for the links, that helps bring News Nation into focus as being “Fox Lite”.

Now if Chris Cuomo starts to document his COVID struggles and says that he wishes he took ivermectin that’ll be another knock against the network.


Is this making his anger issues better or worse?

Last I heard, it was still the 3rd leading cause of death in the US.


I don’t care if people wanna roll their eyes at my mask-wearing. They can share their aerosol cooties with someone else!


Yep… still masking in public, too…

Face Mask GIF by Threadless


SAME!! Be safe, friend!


Welcome to BoingBoing! FYI, your comment may well disappear because it’s kind of an unwarranted claim of guilt by association. Aside from being way off topic.

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