Dr Dre loses trademark fight with medical doctor using the name "Dr. Drai"


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Dr Dre loses trademark legal fight with Dr Drai, gynecologist
Dr. Dre loses trademark battle to Dr. Drai, only one was an actual doctor tho

Curse, you! I saw the image and thought that Hip Hop Family Tree was back.


Everybody lost. Burch is not only a gynecologist purporting to be a penis expert, he is an osteopath. Those guys may take the same state boards as MDs but they believe in and practice a panoply of sub-chiropractic woo. Plentiful in Michigan but I only patronize them for medical marijuana certification.


So you are ready to libel them for having views different from your own, and also perfectly willing to hire their services if it means you can sidestep drug prohibition?


Forget about Drai.


What allows the hip hop guy to use ‘Dr.’ in the first place? Did he complete a formal education that bestows that title ?



My randomly accurate grammatical senses have me in a quandary.
‘Penis cleaning tips’ might describe some tips about cleaning a penis.
‘Penis-cleaning tips’ might describe some ‘tips’ (q-tips?) that can clean a penis, but for a brief moment I considered that we might have had some tips about how to clean things WITH a penis! Because that might have been almost as much fun.

Mr Burch had also argued that consumers would be unlikely to confuse the two names "because Dr Dre is not a medical doctor"
i love this


Seriously though, if you practice medicine that is not backed up with science, it most certainly is some heinous woo. It is very easy to do harm even if you mean well.


Dr. Drai, don’t just stand there, operate!


When a man say him a ting, him a ting. #phoneshop https://youtu.be/BmxsNBCFwxs?t=30s (video features swearing and Sarf London accents)


Wow, someone stole something back from Dr. Dre? Good thing I guess, he’s been jacking beats from Motown and other real music artists for 25 years now.

Disclaimer: I love Hip-Hop.



  • Doc Holliday
  • Doctor Seuss
  • Doctor J
  • Doctor Feelgood
  • Doctor Who


Dr Feelgood knows all about this sort of stupidity



that bitch got no PHD


Doc Holiday actually was a trained dentist beside being a gunslinger, so it wasn’t just an affectation.