Dr. OctoTron - “Spaz” (free MP3)


I have very mixed emotions concerning Kool Keith. This single is great, though, and thank you so much for the download.

I bought the Dr. Octogonocologist (original title) cd when it was a new release 'cause the people around me were touting it as the future. And it was, but to me, this was due to the input of Q-Bert, Automator and Kurt. The rapping… not so much. To me. I suppose it’s healthy for hip hop to have a representative of the weirdo community in it, but part of the reason I enjoy hip hop is the structure. so Dr. Octogon–who’s inscrutable, surreal imagery’s stanzas don’t even always rhyme–just isn’t for me. I admit it’s entertaining, though.

But then I learned he was Kool Keith from Ultramag. His style had a very strange structure then, too, but lyrically wasn’t as shock-value surreal.

I applaud that he broke out into his own, unique direction, but yeah, not for me.

Del on the other hand, is an example of a rapper who treads the line of uniqueness-vs-structure very well. He doesn’t seem to be weird-for-weird’s sake, his rhyme skills are unparalleled and aren’t sacrificed to a unique viewpoint (he kinda sucks live, though, but whatever.)

anyway, great post, Ms. Seidenwurm

He was back in the mid-late 90’s the best there was really, but you also have Tech-N9ne too its all up to personal pref…

I’m not saying he didn’t and doesn’t have his place, but that’s a bold-ass statement to make. you put Keith above Nas, the whole Wu, the whole Hiero crew, Tupac, Biggie, Common, Mos Def, Talib, Em, Co Flow, Posdnuos, Big Pun, and Ras Kass (and I’m leaving many out)?? That’s precisely the era when competition was highest. To say nothing of Rakim since the 80s. Sorry, Kool Keith doesn’t rank like that. Tech Nine was dope, though. He earned a spot on the list for sure, just from the little I heard from him.

It’s all subjective man. FWIW I’d put Kool Keith on the same tier as Nas and Mos Def: and the others your listed on a lower tier. There is no right or wrong in personal preference.

also: !

I agree.

Disagree. While I personally do not enjoy Rembrandt, objectively I acknowledge his skill to be superior to his peers. I don’t like Company Flow really at all. In fact, I’d rather listen to Keith. But in a battle, I would readily place heavy bets on either Big Jus or El P over Kieth; as would anyone expecting a return.

There is nothing controversial in saying Art Tatum is a better pianist than Jerry Lee Lewis. You can like either or both, though.

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