Happy 27th birthday to Dr. Octagonecologyst

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uhhhmm… Q-Bert? he’s on the whole album, but here’s the showcase track


Thanks for sharing this, what a fun excuse to go back and enjoy this classic album.

Sidenote; Kool Keith’s “Black Elvis” tour was one of the worst live shows I’ve ever seen. It was hilariously bad, almost like he was doing it on purpose. The show I saw was in St Louis in late 99 or 2000. Keith came out wearing a big plastic space helmet on his head and he had about ten other emcees on stage with him. Keith left his helmet on the whole show, bringing the microphone as close to his face as he could, but it still sounded like he was in a fishbowl. Meanwhile, the ten dudes behind him were also rapping the entire show. They all knew Keith’s lyrics (sort of) and were just rapping word for word, the entire show. Not just certain parts, or trading off, but every singly line.

At one point, Keith pulled out an Igloo cooler and said “Who likes chicken?”, then he pulled out some ziplock bags from the cooler and started throwing them at people in the crowd. He was pelting people with these bags, like he really hated performing and was taking it out on his fans. I picked up one of the bags and it had some still frozen chicken wings and a wet nap inside.

Hella weird vibes.


Wow! I thought I had gotten in in the ground floor for this album, but I was almost a full year late to the party.

Respect to Kook Keith, one of the all-time greats of Hip Hop and an accomplished mutant.

Well, I know when I last worked at Warehouse Records at UTC in La Jolla/San Diego now! Even though I was deeply committed to Goth/Industrial/EBM, this was an artist I immediately loved. We couldn’t play this much during “normal” store hours due to the amazing lyrics… then later, they released the instrumental version and bingo.

K00L Keith & Dr. Octagon travel with me often. Still so, so good.

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the original release was on a label called Bulk Records but I think it got a different distro as it picked up steam and maybe wasn’t readily available until you found it?

Hey! So, I do have the Bulk pressing. It was reissued on Dreamworks later. My buddy had Instrumentalyst which was released on Mo Wax and I could not get my hands that. Luckily that, too, was issued on Dreamworks and got wide distribution.

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word. I first got it on CD. I don’t know if it was exactly 27 years ago but I thought it was new at the time. it’s on Bulk, at least. I copped a 12" of Blue Flowers at some point, possibly used, and I have a full length vinyl release but I know I got it as a rerelease. not sure if it was The Instrumenalist or original but it would have been on dreamworks by then.

another thing the OP didn’t mention is that the cover art was by PusHead, who up to then had worked on mostly underground rock albums but best known for extensive illustration for Metallica

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